So recently I played 1100 AD , a F2P browser MMORTS (Real time Strategy), it was extremely easy to sign up (I use facebook sign up as much as I can.) and getting started was relatively easy. As soon as this game hit my browser I felt like I was thrust back into the days of old time civilization, without having to install and of course its own perks!

The game didn’t require much attention which I didn’t realize at first, I was scattering around clicking on things and building things until I promptly ran out of resources, then I went into my castle and began recruiting, come to find out your heroes you recruit aren’t much good without training, this was an interesting concept I noted, and made quiet a bit of sense.

The combat is tactical based, and as much as I suck at tactics and RTS games sometimes, I found this extremely entertaining. You are able to improve your armies abilities by hero advancement, and the UI is incredibly detailed. There was so much for me to do, I think the game grew tired of me before I grew tired of it.

Though if you aren’t an RTS player I wouldn’t suggest this, as it is VERY typical of an RTS game, and it does take a minute to really get started but once you get into the meat and potatoes it’s a blast. Certain servers do have open PVP, so you’ll want to watch out for that.

Obviously the premise of the game is to build your medieval style city, and to well, build, build, build, and fortify your defenses! Hire your army, train them, and engage in combat! Which is, real time. So you’ll want to focus on that. The game is just getting started, but seems to be well worth the try. Like I said, really easy to sign up, took me literally two clicks, and I was started on my adventure. You can check it out!