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Shadowgate 2012 Kickstarter

Adventure games are something that seems to get more and more scarce, and even when they aren’t, the graphics are pretty outdated. Though now they are remaking Shadowgate for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android devices, and they are looking for some help to get the games finished, check out the kickstarter here.

At time of writing this, they have over a thousand backers and are at $32,186 of $120,000 but still 29 days to go.

Shadowgate will contain many cool features and options:

  • Rooms: More than 60 beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new and familiar locations, offering a new play experience
  • Puzzles: Lots of new and updated puzzles that seamlessly expand on the original game
  • First Person Adventuring: Utilize your inventory, spell book, mapping system and on-screen help to complete your quest
  • Commands: Intuitive command-based UI allows you to interact extensively with the environments
  • Storytelling: Features the same great storytelling you expect from a Shadowgate adventure
  • Cinematic Score: A full, digitally-orchestrated soundtrack by composer Rich Douglas
  • 8-bit Score: A second retro soundtrack featuring Hiroyuki Masuno’s original NES composition
  • Soundscapes: A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based sound design
  • Animations: Environmental and object-specific animation bring each location to life
  • Platforms: Supports Windows, Mac, iOS and Android tablets

Pledging just $15 will give you the Shadowgate game as a digital DRM-free download for PC or Mac, and of course the more you pledge the more you get. You can check out their video and the rest of their info on the kickstarter page.


Another Pay WhatYouWant bundle from Indiegala?

You bet that’s what it is! IndieGala10  has it’s PayWhatYouWant for about 11 games, and you only have to beat the “average”, at this point is about $5.11. So for less than six bucks you can bag yourself about 9 steam games and 2 DRM free games.

The DRM Free games are Omegaladon and Praetorians, with a minimum of $1 get also Steam keys for Majesty2 and East India Company.

Beat the average to get also Steam keys for:
Lead and Gold
Elven Legacy
Knights of Honor
Hearts of Iron II
Europa Universalis: Rome Gold Edition

Some of the money will also go to charity, but at this rate with all these I’m going to have more games than I can handle by the end of the months. In the second week there is a promise for 2 secret titles and various other goodies, so I guess its time to see if there’s anymore change in my couch! Happy gaming.


RPG Table Online.

So recently I was able to take a look into something recently released called RPG Table Online, reminding me a lot of some of the paid programs I see out there, it seems to be a bit in its early stages but seems pretty reliable. Now I know I have moved away from a majority of my gaming buddies, and that is exactly what this website was made for. To set up games on the net in order to play with your buddies, or even find other roleplaying buddies that you may not yet know.

RPG Tablle Online is a free to use and fairly basic tool for GMs to use to run their RPGs on the net, it comes equipped with a dice roller, map and a dungeon creator, as well as character and monster token system, initiative tracker, campaign notebook, character sheets, and integrated voice chat. They do have extra tokens, customization etc. that you can purchase from them, but I believe I also noted a way to earn some without spending any or too much money, don’t quote me though I haven’t had enough time to play around with it.

The program is a free Java=based application and you don’t need to download it, you don’t need a ton of knowledge or to read an 800 page prep booklet in order to use it, “We focused on making RPG Table Online intuitive to use and ready to play without additional setup beyond the usual prep to build an encounter or adventure,” said Robert Eng, GTO’s Vice President.

If you ever used you’ll realize quickly that the people of RPG Table Online are the same people, and have been doing this for about 9 years. So, it may seem new at first glance, but these guys are seasoned veterans. The starting tokens and things you get for this application are fantasy-based, however more themes and artwork from well-known artists are promised to be on their way!

Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes Review

I’ve never been too horribly good at point and click adventure type games but I found in my youth that one I enjoyed was Monkey island, a great series, quirky, and something I always enjoyed and had to finish to the end, Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is probably the only adventure game since that has given me a similar feeling to what i felt as a child, only with a bit more gore.

Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is a game where you play a fairly innocent little girl, Lilli, who has not-so innocent accidents while listening to a rather tyrannical Mother Superior who is quick to anger if she ever does calm down. Lilli’s only friend is Edna, a more gothic looking opposite to Lilli, but the only person who actually likes Lilli. Though that all changes when Edna has to hide from a crazed psychologist.

The game is rather typical from what you expect to be an adventure game like this, with no failure to force you to use your imagination to concoct things up, such as dying various vegetables…

When I first started I literally played for about 3 hours lost, finding no answer to my many questions and angrily going from room to room in the covenant where you start, I was getting frustrated and angry at the game, only to find out that a certain wall had a doorway — no. Not a hidden doorway. I might as well put a sign on my forehead saying “I’m an idiot.”, luckily I had pushed through until I found it, and those few hours of frustration were worth it.

Lilli, who is a good girl, ends up having to fight through breaking

the rules that have been set on her, each rule can only be broken one at a time, so lighting people on fire while
There are a few riddle-like puzzles that can be figured out intelligently, or by randomly clicking combinations until you figure it out, this may not be as fun, but I’m not so great at riddles. This goes for the mini-games in a way, each mini game can be skipped and is pretty obvious, and each have their own tutorial. The mini-games were probably my favorite part, I wish there was a section where I could just go back and play them individually, especially the end-mini game, but that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself!running with scissors was out of the question, but it makes for an extremely interesting dynamic.

My favorite part of the game would have to have been closer to the end, where one of the mini-game sort of things pop up, needless to say I won’t ruin it, but I felt like playing a game within a game, listening to a DM/GM explain the scene and my fellow npc’s, I was pleasantly surprised!

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this game, and with multiple potential end scenes I played through all of them and each were fantastic and even surprising to an extent. Though this game isn’t for everyone, it’s gory in a psychotic-someone-from-an-asylum-thought-up-these deaths kind of way, without showing actual blood the scenes can be a bit interesting and quiet hilarious for the right twisted mind.

All in all my only qualm was with how long it took me to find that blasted door, but that was most likely my own fault. Just remember, if you find yourself stuck, maybe you’re not seeing the whole picture.

With very detailed artwork and a fun to follow storyline, for the more twisted of heart I’d have to say I rate this a good 4.5 out of 5. Wonderful game.

Way Walkers: Choose your own adventure review!

So I had a rather unique review waiting in my inbox, at first when I searched around the website and images I felt a little underwhelmed, everything seemed in a small stage, but I knew that everything deserves a good chance, so I delve into this head-on. Also, here’s their facebook page. 

The Way Walkers App/choose your own adventure is based on the Author’s book series where a rare amount of people display certain Talents, and an even rarer few are able to tap into all of those talents (as opposed to just one.), those rare few who are selected get to go and train their skills in the big city at a rather prestigious school.

At first I was cynical, searching for usual cliche’s I’m use too, I found the introductory method quiet interesting, and I continued to read.

I started off making my basic choices, but feeling that childhood excitement swell over me that I use to experience when I was young reading those choose your own story books and quickly began forming opinions of characters in the story, and found myself having real moral dilemma’s. Feeling sorry for my actions, and even pondering the way I would in real life. It wasn’t just frantic clicking.

There’s no way to amend a choice, so choose wisely. (Unless you start all over), and the choices were surprisingly deep, I was able to form my character into someone instead of just seeing what response I would get, I also noticed a “Stats” button, so I clicked it, naturally. Come to find out, each choice I made was surprisingly keep track of the type of person I was being, swaying me to a certain “Way.” “The Ways” were the type of person you’d become, such as warrior type or the way of a “Medium” for spirits, or even “The Red”, which happened to be the really bad guys, which I seemed to sway too a little too much, despite the fact I thought I was pretty decent!

I naturally chose a girl, so I found myself running around the city with one of the boys, who, as my first impressions were, was a punk, and a little cliche jerk…then after awhile, starting growing fond of the character development, and wanting my character to befriend him, at the expense of the schoolwork even.

Oh, did I mention schoolwork? I did, you are a student learning to hone your skills, which you have many of. I admit I kind of skimmed through a lot of the “class explanations , which there weren’t many of, but it was because I was so excited to get back to the action, like a kid skimming their homework to get back to their friends.

I did get a little frustrated at every step I tried to do a lot of it was thwarted, but I guess that’s what happens when you try to play the jack of all trades, though after replaying the game two, three, four times, I found that each choice I make will make me strong in certain skills, changing the outcome every time. And I still had way more choices I could have chosen from.

Admittedly, I did end up dieing though not until close to the end of my first “Semester”, and death in itself was interesting, I was given the choice to “go back” but if I did, it would take a considerable toll on my body, and sure enough it did. I found when I “went back”, I was actually in a medical wing, and my character was weak and suffered severely in her abilities. This concept in itself was thrilling.

All in all, the story was exciting, and kept me pumped. I started thinking I’d get 15 minutes in or something, and then three hours later I’m hollering at my screen as if playing a video game or watching a movie. The concepts within the story are unique to me, though some have similarities to other things it is done in a way I have not experienced before.

I would have to say I give this a big 4 out of 5, great and definitely worth the price, I’d like to see more honing done to it and the continuation for sure. Their official website is here, though it can be a bit confusing because the actual game can be play tested on your browser here (but leaves you at a cliffhanger, and I assure you the really great stuff comes after that.), or search your app store for Way Walkers, you can also find it in the chrome store and it only costs $1.99, well worth the pocket change.


Other links to find it at:


Google Play

Chrome Webstore


Pay what you want for the Divinity games on !

So I’ve seen these spring up a bit, and thought this was definitely worth the look. Divinity, as we recently mentioned in a previous article here  will be releasing their remastered Divinity Anthology, and for a limited time (Six days left as of this post!) you can choose what you pay. That’s right, it’s your choice.

I saw this, and figured I should jump in and see what it’s all about, so I head on over to and immediately I’m interested, the lowest I can pay is $1 and that will get you a minimum of “Divine Divinity” with a few goodies, sounds great. Pay above $7.33 and you get Beyond Divinity, and their “Top Supporter” package is above $14.31 where you will get Divinity II Developers cut and, of course, goodies. The games altogether would usually be sold for a total of $32 and obviously are offering this limited deal.

So I sign up. The moment I sign up I get an email with my “Purchase Information”, purchase, I hadn’t made a purchase yet? I go into it and BAM I see this list full of free games they just gave to me, Dragonsphere, Lure of the Temptress, Ultima 4, and multiple others, totaling up to 9 free games just for signing up. So honestly, even if you only pay $1 you are getting 10 games just for rummaging through your pocket for laundry money to support these guys. The bundle will go on until 01:00 AM GMT, 18 October 2012 and you can get it here.

Some of the goodies that come with this are art books, soundtracks, extra videos, and they say depending on how many people will support Larian’s bundle there could be rare content that will become available, so we can look forward to their secret surprise!

Anyone who purchases the full anthlogy will get early access to this re-mastered edition of Divinity II a day before it is released anywhere else.



Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Playtest overview.

Recently I printed out the Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition (or DnD “Next”) Playtest, and I noticed some very obvious changes, for those of you who haven’t had the time to check yet, I’m gonna give you the low-down!

Hit Points are now a lot more like third edition, only a few classes seem to have an upgrade in hit die, however we are back to the old system many of us grew to love before fourth edition. The previous “Healing Surges” are gone and replaced with “Hit Dice”, which is simply the act of taking a short rest you will gain your Hit Dice, meaning if you are a fourth lvl wizard with 4D4 hit points, you would roll that amount to see what you gained back, if you are only first level, you roll one Hit Dice (1d4) and you gain that amount of hit points back, making hit points more of a commodity and forcing lower level parties to be more cautious, instead of charging around with healing surges galore while fighting four goblin parties a day, or something equally ridiculous. This means a potion does not force you to use a surge, a potion actually heals you without exerting any of your uses of anything. Hurrah!

Surprise! Were you scared? Thought so, but now you can roll your usual initiative and take a regular turn, well that’s after the surprise round of course, where the monster will get to go before you, but lets say you roll a natural 20, well then on the next round you will likely be going first.

Ranged attacks vs Melee, this rule of provoking an opportunity attack no longer applies to spells unless the spell is FURTHER than 5 feet of the mob closest to you. If you are using an AOE the mob within 5 feet of you must be included in the AOE in order for you to not provoke an attack.

Contests, this is a new rule that allows you to contest another player, mob, or npc. I.e. in situations such as you are trying to hold the door shut but the other person is trying to open it, you would then be opposing each other with a strength role. Each of you rule, and highest wins, of course! In other situations such as someone trying to see through a disguise, you would obviously roll two different checks against each other.

Armor and Weapons show a huge difference, and your ability to not be hit doesn’t seem to rely as heavily on AC, so Armor is not the “End all”, they’ve also added a few new awesome sets of armor, such as dragon scale. Depending on the type of dragon scales your armor has, will allow you to have a resistance to that element, such as poison, fire, etc. They also added Displacer Hide Armor, which is just a bit better than leather.

Instead of having penalty checks all negative or positive influences in game have been categorized as “Disadvantages” or “Advantages”.  When you have an advantage, lets say you have an advantage in an attack, you roll your initial D20, then you roll an extra D20 and you pick the higher of the two numbers. If you have a disadvantage, you do the same only you choose the lower of the two numbers. No matter how many advantages or disadvantages you have stacked in a single attack or roll, you only roll one extra die.

When choosing your race, races now affect your ability modifiers. These are no longer as fixed and dormant as they have been in the past, they do advance with level, race choice, and class choice. The human, for example, gives you a bonus of +1 to all your ability scores, and +2 to ONE of your choosing, where most other races only allow +1 to certain abilities, though they have special unique abilities of their own. Subraces, such as Woold elf, High elf, dark elf, etc. have their own special abilities, it is not standard “Elf” “Dwarf” etc. anymore, each is unique.

All the alignments from third edition are officially back, and they included the “Unaligned” feature as well.

They have also changed exchange rates, and added electrum in between silver and gold.

There is also now a list of builds, such as “Thug” or “Archer” that will allow you to further customize your class, this basically helps give you a background, suggested weapons, feats, and special abilities. Backgrounds also affect your special abilities, though are optional.

There are other various changes, though all in all it feels as if they are sticking closer to third edition type ruleset, while adding some simplicity and some of the silver lining from fourth, and giving us more diversity by adding things such as “Contests” and special abilities for sub-races, I’m really enjoying my stroll through the new edition playtest, and I’ll keep you updated on more changes or variations as they come along! Happy Gaming!


Note: In order to get your own DnD playtest packet, download it here! 

Divinity Anthology Collection Release

Divine Divinity is an RPG that is ten years in the making, this Divinity Anthology collects all the games that are set in the Divinity Universe. These games are remastered versions of the epic fantasy RPGs as well as extra’s that come inside of this exclusive edition and celebrate a full decade of the Divinity series. Oh, and a pretty hot poster to boot.


Key Features

The Divinity Anthology includes:

Three Epic RPG Adventures

Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity II – Developer’s Cut, which comes with the spectacular Developer Mode!

Developer Mode

Play the original version, or experience the game like the designers did and fool around with console commands to your heart’s content! Ever wanted to test some new skills on a hoard of a hundred goblins? Go for it! Ever wondered what it would be like to explore the game-world in the guise of a troll? Well there you go! Discover a whole range of spectacular developer commands and feel like a wizard at play!

Unique DLC Items

Get ready for Divinity – Dragon Commander and Divinity – Original Sin with the Golden Jetpack and the Golden Grail: DLC items that come with the Divinity Anthology only!

Hatching the Dragon

Watch this unique, behind-the-scenes documentary that gives you insights into the creative process of Divinity II: its ups and downs, its triumphs and defeats.

Developer’s Journal

A 130+ page-long digital art and story book that gives a one-of-a-kind, behind the scenes look at the stormy development process of all Divinity games!

Treasure Vault

Rummage through a wealth of design documents, concept art and videos that give you an uncensored look at Divinity II not as a finished game, but as a work in progress. Experience firsthand just how a game is made!

Musica Divina & Musica Obscura

Two complete soundtracks that include both classic and unreleased melodies composed by the inimitable Kirill Pokrovsky.

Divinity Stickers

Customize your notebook or even your car.

Two Double-Sided Posters

Featuring art from previous and upcoming Divinity games.

Steam Key

In addition to the DVD-ROM DRM-free versions of Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity and Divinity II – Developer’s Cut, this exclusive edition also comes with a digital copy of all three games on Steam!

You can check it out here:

1100 AD F2p Browser MMORTS review!

So recently I played 1100 AD , a F2P browser MMORTS (Real time Strategy), it was extremely easy to sign up (I use facebook sign up as much as I can.) and getting started was relatively easy. As soon as this game hit my browser I felt like I was thrust back into the days of old time civilization, without having to install and of course its own perks!

The game didn’t require much attention which I didn’t realize at first, I was scattering around clicking on things and building things until I promptly ran out of resources, then I went into my castle and began recruiting, come to find out your heroes you recruit aren’t much good without training, this was an interesting concept I noted, and made quiet a bit of sense.

The combat is tactical based, and as much as I suck at tactics and RTS games sometimes, I found this extremely entertaining. You are able to improve your armies abilities by hero advancement, and the UI is incredibly detailed. There was so much for me to do, I think the game grew tired of me before I grew tired of it.

Though if you aren’t an RTS player I wouldn’t suggest this, as it is VERY typical of an RTS game, and it does take a minute to really get started but once you get into the meat and potatoes it’s a blast. Certain servers do have open PVP, so you’ll want to watch out for that.

Obviously the premise of the game is to build your medieval style city, and to well, build, build, build, and fortify your defenses! Hire your army, train them, and engage in combat! Which is, real time. So you’ll want to focus on that. The game is just getting started, but seems to be well worth the try. Like I said, really easy to sign up, took me literally two clicks, and I was started on my adventure. You can check it out!



Free Medieval Market Map via DramaScape

Great maps can be hard to come by, and sometimes even think up. There are things we may not be worried about that our players, obviously are. So it’s nice once in awhile to be able to pull out a premade map for something that may not be important to the big picture (or maybe it is!) but is important at the time, one of these things are markets.

Where are the stalls? What kind of merchants? Etc. The Medieval is a 24 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a Market, with Hex, Square and No overlay.

This ebook comes in PDF form with two images that you can use in VTT for use online. It’s 43 pages and only a few of those pages are introduction, layout, and some instructions. It’s highly detailed with weapons sprawled out on tables, cheeses, tents, carts, and other such things. You can get this FREE map here, thanks to DramaScape! 


Here are the two images to preview what you’ll get only in fullscale map. Please download the full thing from the link above.

Dungeons & Dragons: a documentary trailer

Have you heard of the Dungeons and Dragons Documentary that was started on kickstarter? With being well funded, I can imagine this will soon come to light. Watching the trailer bellow brought tears to my eyes, rest in peace Gary, you will be remembered for eternity. To support this you can find their facebook here, or their main site.

Drow: Ways to avoid backstory stereotypes.

Recently, the Drow have been all the rage! Everything from the expansion pack for Dungeons and Dragons Online to the Underdark and Menzoberranzan supplements, the blood red skull spider has been blazon on my facebook and all over the internet for some time now, I recently even took the facebook quiz to find out which Drow house best suits you, and I came out with House Oblodra. But one thing irks me, the typical “I’m a Drow outcast and that’s why I’m in the surface world” attitude many gamers I have run into have. I have heard more unique stories, but quiet commonly I feel as if I’m listening to bad Drizzt fan fictions every time someone plays a Drow so I’ve compiled a list of inspirational ideas to help you make a more unique or believable Drow, because not everyone who plays a Drow wants to run around with dwarves as friends.


Scenario 1:

More generic, male character. You were pressed by the Matriarchy and thought you deserved a higher position but because of you constant efforts to thwart the mothers of your house you were stripped of your rank, and rather than fall into serfdom you escaped Menzoberranzan.

Scenario 2:

Female Character, this is quiet the opposite. You grew tired of the matriarchy and you were selected to be a high priestess. Though your hands are heavier and your feet quicker then your mind, your aptitude towards physical prowess drove you to find fortune at the tip of well oiled steel on the surface.

Scenario 3:

House Scout. Rather than being banished or growing tired of the underworld you are vying for position in it, you were sent by your family to the surface world to scout vulnerabilities local lordship or other potential areas, the ideas are endless to what you could be scouting. But upon further exposure to the ways of surface dwellers and the ease with which a good schemer can amass great fortunes you chose instead to stay.

Scenario 4:

Forgotten realm characters only. You and your fellow family members have been sent to the abandoned forest court of Cormanthor to secure your peoples hold on the surface world so that the great Spider Queen may launch an invasion and free her people from the darkness. Your loyalties lie with your people, though being a Drow you can mask these intentions to further your own aims in the meantime.

Scenario 5:

Kidnapped/slavery. Not all branches of the Dark Elves are all powerful, the disgusting dark skinned abominations can be caught and slaughtered, and the youngest or the most meld-able became slaves. A good Drow Slave has many uses, and commonly can be held as sex slaves for their exotic skin, hair and eyes make a desirable companion, though their swift blade can also be used in many political efforts, and you were one of these slaves.

A variant of this can also be slave to other Drow, you are not born to a family of privilage, or your family sold you. Perhaps a slave to the Drueger, or any of the other Underdark races, though this you grew tired of and escaped, knowing the surface world was your only chance to not be caught and re-enslaved.

Side Note: You may or may not bear a mark of slavery. This could haunt your for life. Commonly among the Drow this mark is on the face or the ears, a common practice is for the tips of the ears to be cut clean off, this identifier could be future story hooks.

Scenario 6:

Lolth touched. You were not born a Drow, but were cursed into one. Your parents were one of the furthest things from dark elven you could possibly imagine, living in the trees or the high elven cities, or any variation in between. Somehow you were cursed with Lolth’s touch and instead of your parents birthing to a beautiful elven baby, they got a Drow. You were considered a curse, a bad omen, and were outcast from your family, and home society.

Scenario 7:

A spin on being an outcast. Sure you were outcast from the Drow society, but for other reasons. One of your parents was not a Drow, and you were born with the terrible curse of being a half blood. Someone took an amount of mercy on you, and instead of killing you smuggling you to the surface world, or being paid well to do so. Perhaps your father came to the surface world and raped your mother, and somehow was left to live. However you survived, you are a half blood and highly frowned upon.

Scenario 8:

The life of a trader. Drow equipment is highly sought among the assassins and low lives of the surface world, even nobles like to tote around a dagger laced in webbing as if to make them more prestigious, this life is rather profitable for many and you want to get in good with that business. One of the most sought after Drow weapons is the Poisoning Dagger, a dagger that has a reservoir of poison that distributes the deadly liquid across the blade, not only crippling foes but slowly bringing them to their death.


There are many other options for why you could be on the surface world, these are just inspirations to help bring us out of that stereotype, and to even help new players seeking better backstorys. Put your own twists on everything, find what makes your character unique and stick with it, the important thing about the Dungeons and Dragons is NOT how many critical hits you can get, though those are extremely nice. It’s about adventuring and struggling as another character, and gaining the successes and grandiose lifestyle of a fantasy race. Happy Gaming!