Rite Publishing released a new short supplement for Pathfinder RPG called #30 Fleshgrafts. As the name implies, it tells us how to include fleshgraft, physical modifications on a character body to a Pathfinder campaign.

   Rite Publishing’s new book, #30 Fleshgrafts, written by T. H. Gulliver, gives us even more dark options in a Pathfinder campaign than before. This 17 page supplement provides rules for creating and using 30 different types of body modifications.

The book is mostly filled with game information and statistics for the different grafts, but we also get a short recap about the history of fleshgrafting, and how it came to being after the Black Rain. I think that for many campaigns the background information could be ignored, or changed for something more appropriate for the game masters taste. I think in a generic fantasy setting, fleshgrafts are most appropriate for necromancers or evil clerics.

So what do we get ? We receive a new item creation feat to create fleshgrafts, and a new spell to preserve material. Interestingly, the book defines in the description of fleshgrafting, that potential creators should be able to use healing spells, but this prerequisite is missing from the item creation feat’s description. Although, I have to note that several grafting processes do need clerical spells.

The grafts themselves are ordered by placement (for example : Limbs and Limb extensions) and nicely detailed. The previewed fleshgrafts seemed nicely balanced for first look.

All in all, it seems a nice little supplement for Pathfinder, if you want to include such things as anti-paladin eyes or trollskin in your campaign as a character upgrade. I guess, it’s mostly suited for evil characters or NPC-s.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros