AetherCon Online RPG Convention Announcement

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  Grab your virtual dice bags folks and mark down November 16-18, 2012 on your calendar, the AetherCon Online RPG Convention is coming to your computer.

  The AetherCon will be featuring tabletop RPGs of all types throughout the weekend highlighted by four three day tournaments of Pathfinder, Call of Cthuhlu, Savage Worlds, and Shadowrun.

  Additionally vendors, industry guests, and artists are also in their plans. They will be releasing free downloadable wallpapers throughout the months leading up to the con. You can find the first two, Gormic ‘Pretty’ Nangalmaar as done by White Wolf featured artist Brian LeBlanc and Klandeggin Moltenfist illustrated by Andre Freitas Cardozo here.

Art by Lot5R featured artist Brent Chumley. Look for his wallpapers soon.  AetherCon will feature several artists in their Artists Enclave during the convention. For further information about the participating artists you may visit the AetherCon facebook page.

  All of the events will be run using the Traipse next generation virtual tabletop and its companion browser-based web-client. Both are currently under development with the Beta version of Pious Paladin having been already released. These programs will make it possible for a player to simply click on a link on the event website and ‘sit down at the table’ as it were as opposed to having to download, install, and boot up a separate program as was the case in the past. They are also planning for voice chat games using Skype technology for some events.

  Pre-registration is already open for players and Game Masters, and they recently added the first several events into the schedule pages, including the Pathfinder tournament, Dark Heresy, Serenity and other playing events.

For further information you may visit their website and show your support for AetherCon via Facebook and Twitter.

We at Rpg.Org will definitely keep an eye on this project, and we believe that an online convention has a lots of potential.

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  1. Stephen J. Holodinsky
    February 08, 22:49 #1 Stephen J. Holodinsky

    The piece you see above is called Hida Tobashi and can be found in the Path of the Destroyer expansion of the Lot5R CCG. The artist behind it is Brent Chumley. You can see more of his work as part of our collection of free downloadable wallpapers coming soon.

    Stephen J. Holodinsky
    Event Manager – AetherCon

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