Last week we published the announcement for the AetherCon Online RPG Convention. Today let me share with you the latest updates about the convention, including the increasing number of games to be played and new artists for the Artist Enclave.

  They are still looking for Game Masters for a lots of games, so if you feel inclined to lead an online game at the online convention then here is your chance. You may apply for Game Mastering here.

For the announcement on the updates check below :

Here are the latest updates for our event from the past three weeks:

We have extended our opening hours on Sunday from 9 AM EST to 10 PM EST so more folks can have more fun!

The first of our events are now up on our schedule pages including the Pathfinder Tourney and the following non-tourney events: Dark Heresy, Halcyon, Labyrinth Lord, Serenity, and Pathfinder. Additionally the booth opening hours for L5R featured artist Brent Chumley as well as Andre Freitas Cardozo have been added.

Our latest free downloadable wallpaper Varda Rils as illustrated by DC and Dark Horse Comics featured artist Axel Alonzo has been released. Get yours here: AetherCon Wallpapers

The following games and GMs have been confirmed:

Savage Worlds – Necessary Evil with Lane Burnside;

Dark HeresyJeremy Black, noted for his 7 Years and 7 Days livestream, Monday evenings at 11 PM EST/8 PM PST. You can find it here.

HERO – Champions with Jon Mitchell;

Paranoia with Sebastian Sonne;

Labyrinth Lord with Erik Jensen.

The following artists have been added to the Artists Enclave:

Finland’s Jaana Heiska

Brazil’s Raphael Viana

The following online communities have joined the RPG Community Alliance:

RPG.Org, the town criers of RPGdom, You can find them here:

Galactic Campaigns, makers of droids big and small. You can find them here:

Finally, a question: If you needed counsel, to whom would you turn? Check out our poll on Facebook and have your say.

Coming Soon:

Brent Chumley’s Malthazas Rhyllanor

Help us get the word out about AetherCon by liking and sharing on our Facebook event page as well as following and re-tweeting via our Twitter page.

We are currently looking for GMs to run the following games:

Savage Worlds
Call of Cthuhlu

As well as these cult favorites:

Dresden Files
Atomic Highway
Legends of the Five Rings
Mutants and Masterminds
Mongoose Traveler
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Eclipse Phase
Macho Women with Guns
WEG Star Wars
Fantasy Craft
Pre-D20 Gamma World
Dark Heresy

If you have a cult favorite you’d like to see or run, let us know!

If you have a game yourself that you would like to run use our handy-dandy GM Pre-Registration form on the site.

If you would like to inquire about other volunteering possibilities let us know by sending an e-mail here.


Stephen J. Holodinsky
Event Manager – AetherCon

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