We received the recent updates about the incoming AetherCon Online RPG Convention (announcement), and there are many things happened since our last update in February.

   Multiple events were added to the schedule, including Leverage, Atomic Highway and Shadowrun scenarios. Many new Game Masters and artists joined the convention, and Pinnacle Entertainment Group offered to contribute prize support for the event.

For more details check out the official information release below, or take a look at the AetherCon homepage.

Here are the latest updates for our event from the past three weeks:

We’d like to welcome Tom Olson and Miguel Berrios to the AetherCon team.

Events added to our schedule this time around include Kyle Hood’s Leverage Scenario ‘The One Night
Stand Job’, Borna Pekarić‘s Atomic Highway Scenario ‘A Drive down Toomstone Allee’, and Mark
David Montgomery’s Shadowrun Scenario ‘Tokyo Lift’.

The following games and GMs have recently been confirmed:
Dark HeresyMichael Richards
WEG D6 Star WarsKalman Farago
SerenityC.J. Holman

  Pinnacle Entertainment Group joined the growing list of names on the ‘To The Victors’ page by agreeing to contribute prize support to AetherCon

The following artists have been added to the Artists Enclave:
Eric Lofgren (Paizo, White Wolf, Mongoose Publishing among others)
Chris Malidore (Fantasy Flight Games, Pinnacle Entertainment Group)
Patrick McEvoy (WotC, Alderac Entertainment Group, Fantasy Flight Games among others)

Our latest wallpaper, a rendition of Drindera ‘The Abacus’ Saldemaar by Brazil’s Andre Freitas Cardozo, has been released.

You can find all of our free downloadable wallpapers here.

Current members of the RPG Community Alliance:
3.5 Private Sanctuary
Barrok’s Tower
The Comeback Inn – Dave Arneson’s Blackmoor
Galactic Campaigns
Mayhem Gaming
Pen and Paper Games
Swords and Wizardry

The RPG Site
The Tangled Web
You Meet In a Tavern

To date the RPG Community Alliance encompasses 54,608 members.

Top five cities in North America for unique visitors to our main site to date: Austin, Tex; Seattle, Wash;
New York, NY; Pittsburgh, Pa; 4 way tie for fifth.

Top five cities in Europe, Asia, and Oceania for unique visitors to our main site to date: Nuremberg, Ger;
Brisbane, Aus; Budapest, Hun; Sydney, Aus; Melbourne, Aus.

Finally, a question: What tournament do you look forward to playing in the most at AetherCon? Check
out our poll on Facebook and have your say.

Coming Soon:

Brent Chumley’s Malthazas Rhyllanor
Chris Malidore’s ‘One Eyed’ Jarmby Mudgelmurk
Ian Llanas’s Mirri ‘The Mouse’

Help us get the word out about AetherCon by liking and sharing on our Facebook event page as well as following and re-tweeting via our Twitter page.

We are currently looking for GMs to run the following games:
Savage Worlds
Call of Cthuhlu

As well as these cult favorites:

Dresden Files
Mutants and Masterminds
All Flesh Must Be Eaten
Eclipse Phase
Macho Women with Guns
Fantasy Craft

Pre-D20 Gamma World
Mongoose Traveler
Atomic Highway
Legends of the Five Rings
Dark Heresy
WEG Star Wars

If you have a cult favorite you’d like to see or run, let us know!

If you have a game yourself that you would like to run use our handy-dandy GM Pre-Registration tool on the site.

If you would like to inquire about other volunteering possibilities let us know by sending an e-mail here:

Stephen J. Holodinsky
Event Manager – AetherCon

Find us here: