The PvP centric Update 1.07 for Age of Conan is now live. It introduces the “Shrines of Bori”: a new PvP content in the form of guild-focused objective-based outdoor PvP taking place in the Cimmerian End of the Border Kingdoms, plus additional PvP levels (cap is now 10), PvP tokens and new Tier 2 PvP gear.

Funcom has also kicked off “The Silver Atrium,” which is an expansion teaser event. Details below:

“Experience “The Silver Atrium” – a new in-game event that challenges you with new quests found in Stygia and Aquilonia. Meet and battle mysterious spies, assassins and other shady characters from the far east to get great new rewards.

– Players of level 40 and above will be able to visit the new mysterious Silver Atrium (entrance can be gained by players level 20 and above but the quests available during this event will be for players level 40 and above).
– You access the Silver Atrium by first claiming the consumable item “Embroidered Invitation” (by using the command “/claim”). Afterwards use the item to get the quest added to your quest log. Your first travels will take you to the city of Khemi.
– The Silver Atrium offers two brand new solo quests and a new group quests based around the appearance of mysterious harbingers from eastern lands.
– Includes great new Khitan themed rewards.
– This quest series will only be available up until the launch of the expansion, so make sure you check it out before it’s gone!