Often times when I even mention the word dice or if I happen to have a D6 handy inevitably someone asks me if I’m a gambler, which seems a bit bizarre that someone who gambles would carry around dice but the universe eludes me sometimes. So since people mistake it all the time, and many of us love to do it, why not combine the two anyways?

Gambling is incorporate into many of our games if we know it or not, often our choices that we make are “a gamble”. Though there are many forms of gambling, everything from your best sites (one that has me hooked is www.partybingo.com ) to slot machines inside of Borderlands 2 (I can’t get enough of those either.) gambling has its hands in many of our choices.

I decided to test this out, which I haven’t had the chance yet but I wrote and designed a few ideas on a “Casino” for in game, without modernizing it too much and all those little things added such as hiring wizards and sorcerers who couldn’t quiet cut it in the “adventuring world” because hey, we can’t all be winners can we? To incorporating a game similar to “Magic The Gathering” played in a more real-time situation, think yu-gi-oh but scaled down and ooohhh so much cooler having tiny goblins running away from a miniature dragon and spawning minions! Regardless, I have come up with a few ideas that I’m going to share here, please feel free to share your ideas! Now Wikipedia defines as “wagering of money or something of material value”, so we’re gonna stick to that for now even though we all know you can gamble in many other ways also.

First off, the slots. The most classic and addicting of all of them, this can easily be a tinkered machine from the gnomes that has a 25% of zapping the crap out of you. Are the stakes high? Sure, but this just got real.

Instead of card games, my mind has replaced them with a variation more hard core version of jacks, marbles, and dice. Because why not roll dice to see how well your dice rolled inside the casino in your game?

To make it interesting, get some high stakes in some of the games that don’t just involve plat, or maybe you have a compulsive gambling elf who gets in trouble (seen A Knight Tale?), you can hook this into a game fairly easily and a lot of people will actually get a kick out of it, remember gaming isn’t just about hack n’ slash, but the little details like wenches and gambling!