Hi Fellow players !

  In the great buzz lately I almost forgot to mention that Evil Hat Productions announced that they will produce, publish, and distribute a role-playing game based on the Eisner-nominated Atomic Robo comic book. The Atomic Robo RPG will be co-written by Atomic Robo scribe Brian Clevinger and  Mike Olson, creator of the Strange Fate version of the Fate engine.

  The game will use a modified version of the Fate engine, and the the players most likely will be Tesladyne Action Scientists, but they could be anything else too in that about 80-year period which is supported by the story. It means no time traveling, but playing stories from different time periods of the characters life in a not timely order.

What is Atomic Robo ?

 Atomic Robo is a comic book series, featuring the stories involving the character with the same name. He is an intelligent robot created by Nicola Tesla in 1923, and during his career he faces enemies like evil scientists, Dr. Dinosaur, a brain in a jar, walking pyramids and tanks, otherworldy creatures, nazis and many more.

As Brian Clevinger stated in an interview on Critical-Hits :

Take The Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Buckaroo Banzai, and The Rocketeer; cram them into a robot; give that robot some pants; bam, you’ve got Atomic Robo. He was invented by Nicola Tesla in 1923 and our comic book follows Robo’s adventure ever since. He fought a pyramid, the planet Mars, Stephen Hawking (metaphorically), Nazis, a super-intelligent time traveling dinosaur who may be none of those things, and run of the mill mad scientists.

But not at the same time.

And what about Evil Hat ?

Evil Hat Productions created several free RPG engines in it’s history, including the Fate engine. They intention is to create roleplaying games which offer the best experience : lots of laughter and memorable moments. They firmly believe that “passion makes the best games” and working accordingly.

From 2005 they released several Fate-based comercial RPG’s, Spirit of the Century and The Dresden Files.

I guess their new project certainly looks interesting, and I hope I’ll have the chance to try it when it’s finished.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros