6Quest on Kickstarter!

  6Quest, the popular Hungarian interactive fiction game is being translated to English – provided it reaches its Kickstarter goal. 6Quest is a collection of online fantasy gamebooks taking place in the shattered world of Felorian. The players assume the role of Arkhons, extradimensional entities who are trying to collect pieces of forgotten memory from the history the… Read More »

6Quest – A choose-your-own-adventure style fantasy game

We are a hungarian team who have been playing and developing role playing games for years. Currently we are working on recreating one of the things that started us on the road of becoming role playing fans – fantasy gamebooks. We wanted to make something that was true to the game’s origins, but also uses the opportunities provided… Read More »

The Frankenstein Wars: a Next-Gen gamebook app running on Kickstarter

Cubus Games, the developers behind Heavy Metal Thunder, Sol Invictus (both honoured with Pocket Gamer Silver Award), Necklace of Skulls (Pocket Gamer Bronze Award) and The Sinister Fairground, are funding their last project on Kickstarter.     The Frankenstein Wars is a Next-Gen gamebook, enhanced by interactive maps, time sensitive missions, weather affecting the story and two main… Read More »

The Chimaera Stones



Retime RPG

RpgZorg -> RPG.ORG fusion

Today RpgZorg Magazine and RPG.ORG fusioned, from now on you can reach both on www.rpg.org.   Site is under some re-design and content renewals, we ask your patience. This update may lasts until end of July. Thanks for your understanding.   Thanks, RPG.ORG Team

Final Fantasy XIV’s controversial fatigue system

As FFXIV opens the beta in September most of the gamers (not just hard-core gamers but casual gamers as well) will spend definitely more than an hour per day playing the game. But the developer, Square Enix doesn’t want them to do so! That’s why they plan to introduce a fatigue system to limit the time the players… Read More »

Neverwinter online multiplayer game is coming

We mentioned earlier, there were rumors that a new Neverwinter game is coming, now Atari and Cryptic has announced the official release of the game for PC. Neverwinter won’t be a traditional MMORPG though – learning from their mistake with Star Trek online and Champions online – rather a game half way between MMO and multiplayer games and… Read More »

DeathSpank: Thongs of Virtue is coming

The first and original DeathSpank has just been released and Hothead Games has already promised the release of its sequel Thongs of Virtue yet by September 21 for PlayStation Network and for Xbox Live on September 22. It will cost $15 (or 1200 Microsoft Points) like the original game. DS: Thongs of Virtue starts where the first game… Read More »

Final Fantasy 14 PS3 release

FFXIVcore.com has made an interview with the developers of Final Fantasy 14 at the Gamescon event about various topics like the lag, auctionhouses, Guildleves and system requirements as well. They mentioned that they are still working on the PS3 version of the game but they can’t reveal more details yet. While the coming of the PS3 version is… Read More »

Trail of Cthulhu: Inmates

Today is the fifth day of the official Cthulhu-week, honoring the birthday of Howard Philips Lovecraft, born on 20th August 1890. Many Lovecraftian, and occult press releases has taken place this week commemorating one of the most influental horror and fantasy author of the 20th century. Among others, a new frame book has been released for Trail of… Read More »

Ephemera collection available

Paul S. Kemp, author of many best-selleing books and the famous Erevis Cale (Forgotten Realms) has now made a collection of his best fantasy related stories under the name of Ephemera, a volume of dark fantasies and imagination. Ephemera is an introduction to a life’s work of a most genuine and popular fantasist. Ephemera reveals the secrets of… Read More »

Front Mission 3 on PAL Playstation network

Square Enix Europe has finally announced that the strategy RPG, Front Mission 3 for both PlayStation 3 and the PS Portable Systems is soon to be released. The first episode of the game has originally been released on Sony PS, and the story is centered around a global conflict, that can result the destruction of the world. FM… Read More »

Nox Arcana music released

Monolith Graphics has released the soundtracks of Nox Arcana, which is known for its gothic themes, dark feeling influenced by poetry and ancient myths. The name of the band is derived from Latin, and it has a meaning of “mysteries of night”. Nox Arcana features twenty-one soundtracks of dark and haunting music that fits the dark scenes, campaigns… Read More »

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is to be released

Carpe Fulgur has announced that their new game in their Recettear franchise, An Item Shops Tale is to be released on impulse. The estimated cost will be 15 € in the European Union, 20 dollars in the United States and 13 pounds in Great Britain. A tentative release of September 10th has also been posted by Carpe Fulgur.… Read More »

Vampire: The Hungry Streets

A new story is available for the storytelling system of Vampire called The Hungry Streets. The story focuses on the mysterious death of Jonas Craft, whose only remains were ashes and some wooden stakes. It is not clear whether it was an isolated, single incident or someone is trying to hunt down other vampires as well. There are… Read More »

Fallout: New Vegas voice cast announced

Bethesda Softworks has finally announced the voice cast of the new addon for Fallout 3, called Fallout: New Vegas. The new entry is under development by Obsidian Entertainment, and to be released on 19 October in North America and on the 22th in Europe. Fallout: New Vegas features many celebrity actors and actresses who are famous and well-known… Read More »

It is rumored that a new Neverwinter Nights is coming

Atari has just secured a few domains that contains the name “neverwinter”. Maybe it is a prelude to a new Neverwinter Nights or rather a Neverwinter Nights MMO. The making of a NWN MMO can be traced back to the last year, when Champions and Star Trek Online were under development, but it turned out this year that… Read More »