New Everquest episodes are coming!

The first news is that the free-to-play Everquest 2 is coming on the 17th of August. Second news is that Sony Online Entertainment has just revealed their new Everquest MMORPOG title temporarily called Everquest: Next. And finally on their annual Fun Faire event, Sony Online announced that Everquest 3 is on the way! Though it was not an… Read More »

Martial Power 2

Martial Power II is the second supplement book focusing only on Martial classes in the Dungeons and Dragons world; the Fighter, Ranger, Rogue and Warlord. In fact that the book is about none but mechanical options so if you are not interested in technical subjects then you won’t really enjoy this manual. On the other hand, the design… Read More »

Fable III villager maker

Linonhead Studios has made a new web application for Fable III called “Create your own villager” that allows the gamers to make their own NPC’s. Anyone can play with this application, but for those who pre-order the game from certain retailers will be given an activation code that allows them to import one character into their own copy… Read More »

Amethyst: Foundations

A new setting book has been released for the 4th edition of D&D game. It takes us to the near future where the modern world goes under great changes and the old fantasies of mankind returns. This radical change starts when two magical gates open and lets all magical power flowing again through the veins of this world.… Read More »

Dragon Quest IX Road Tour

Nintendo has recently launched a campaign to promote their latest entry to the Dragon Quest saga the Sentinels of the Starry Skies with the retail promotion as well. They promise some new treasure maps and the opportunity trying the new tag mode to attendees. The first of these promotional tours took place on Saturday afternoon, 31 July in… Read More »

New levelling system for Guild Wars 2

Isaiah Cartwright lead designer of the game Guild Wars 2 recently shared some information of the new levelling system developed for GW2. According to Cartwright the level cap will be 80, that is very high but with the new levellnig system the loops between higher levels will be decreased. In other MMOs when we reach, say LVL 50,… Read More »

Vampire: The Requiem Invite Only

The book Vampire: The Requiem Invite Only has just been published and it focuses on the interaction between the vampires in their society and how they treat other vampires. Are the vampires truly antisocial and lonely creatures, solitary predators, or do they cooperate with other vampires? Do they accept or understand other creatures or do they always consider… Read More »

Smallville RPG is available

In the darkest of hours will the heroes put aside their differences, and deny their hunger for wealth and power, to unite and save the world? What will be your destiny? As the story of one of the most famous heroes unfolds, you have to choose your path: take up the previous story or choose a new path… Read More »

Born of Fire TD

Potion Panic 2

Trap Master

Kingdom of the Wind

Kingdoms: Nobility

Kingdoms at War : Conquest!

Knight Elite

Pixelknight II

Knights Beasts & Magic 2

Knightfall 2

Knights Beasts & Magic