The God Catcher

In February you can get a new exciting Forgotten Realms novel from Erin M. Evans and Ed Greenwood. The story takes it’s part in Waterdeep, from an inn named The God Catcher. “A fallen statue, caught in the cobbles of the city it tried first to save, and then to destroy. Hollowed out, built over, and rented in… Read More »

Download new D&D Heroscape scenarios!

To celebrate the release of D&D Heroscape: Battle for the Underdark, is offering you three all-new scenarios! Battle for the Underdark master set required. You can download them >>here

Global Agenda – started today!

Global Agenda, Hi-Rez Studios spy-fi MMOFPS/RPG, is now live! It features co-op and competitive multiplayer features as part of a one time purchase of the game. Alternatively, players can get a more MMOG like experience by subscribing to Global Agenda: Conquest, which allows them to get involved in the territory control aspect of the game in …

D&D Experience – January 28th-31st

Wizards of the Coast’s officially sponsored all-D&D show is D&D Experience. Held January 28th-31st this year, the show gives you exclusive sneak peeks, amazing access to Wizards D&D staff members, and in-game previews of the hottest D&D products months before their release! Visit the D&D Experience website, or for more information. For those unable to attend the… Read More »

EVE Online Helps Haiti

There is an announcement on, CCP, the development company behind EVE Online is giving players (like us at a unique opportunity to use their in-game funds to help the people of Haiti: “Dear EVE Players, Along with the rest of the world, we at CCP have been following the devastating impact of the earthquake of January… Read More »

On the Third Day

Written by David Niall Wilson, author of the Exalted novel Relic of the Dawn and several Dark Ages Vampire stories, Written by David Niall Wilson, author of the Exalted novel Relic of the Dawn and several Dark Ages Vampire stories. presents you “On the Third Day“. On the Third Day is the story of Father Thomas and his… Read More »

Cthulhu 101

Do You Know Cthulhu? “No?!? Never fear! Cthulhu 101 lets you in on the mystery, and lays it all out in the open. From “How do you pronounce Cthulhu?” to the 8 Best Cthulhoid Board Games, Cthulhu 101 has most of the questions, and all of the answers. Do you know the shocking truth about Hastur? Which Elder… Read More »

Magic the Gathering: Worldwake

First of all, it’s going to be the fresh new expansion for Magic the Gathering, as we heard at Worldwake heralds the beginning of change in the world of Zendikar. What was once merely unusual is now becoming unpredictable, as the landscape and inhabitants bend to the turmoil. What treasures are buried and waiting to be uncovered?… Read More »

Underdark for D&D 4th

From Rob Heinsoo and Andy Collins, the Underdark – D&D 4th edition supplement,’s old time favorite Forgotten Realms add-on is out. Do you want to descend into the depths of the world? To explore the Dark Caverns beneath Faerun? “No realm in the D&D world stirs the imagination like the Underdark. This vast subterranean domain holds thousands… Read More »

Guild Wars : some Wintersday Arts

Now presents you some Fantasy Media. At the winners for the 2009 Wintersday Art Contest have been announced. Hundreds of talented players from around the world accepted the invitation and created some seriously striking seasonal art — everything from 2D art, 3D art, pencil sketches, paintings, even 3D models. The top three winners will receive the… Read More »

A Day Dark as Night – Exalted – now for free!

Dear readers. If you like Exalted from the White Wolf studios, we have some good news for you: The first Exalted novel now is free at! You can download it from here. About the novel: Exalted: A Day Dark as Night – from Carl Bowen – is the first in a new, unlimited series of novels… Read More »

Philip K. Dick VS Google

The estate of Philip K. Dick sent a cease-and-desist letter to Google on January 6, 2010, a day after Google launched its new Android OS-based phone, the “Nexus One”, we heard at The family claims that the name Nexus One is a “clear infringement of our intellectual property rights,” referencing the Nexus 6 replicants in Bladerunner, the… Read More »

Deadlands – Saddle Sore expansion

When we’re playing some pen & paper, the travelling is allways boring, the random encounters are too “cheap” for us. But now can cure this problem: When your heroes need to get somewhere particular, once in a while you want more than just random encounters along the way. Saddle Sore, a new PDF adventure by Paul “Wiggy”… Read More »

Warhammer Fantasy Battle : Beastmen Army

New army for Warhammer Fantasy Battle players : Beastmen ! This old race, created by Chaos, eons ago, now strike from the darkest forests of the Old World to reclaim their blood-grounds from the other, younger races. Warhammer Armies: Beastmen is a 96-page army book with new background, rules, units and special characters. As far as RpgZorg knows,… Read More »

Essentials for D&D 4th Edition?

So what would a true fan say, if he ran into a person that was interested in Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, but was put off by the number of books available? Which ones are needed to play? If you browse the available books there is a ton of material from Wizards of the Coast, and it… Read More »

Dragon Age: The Stolen Throne

At an older article we presented you the Dragon Age RPG. Now you can discover the world of Dragon Age through and exciting new novel, Dragon Age: the Stolen Throne. Brought to you by BioWare and Tor books, this gripping novel was written by veteran game developer and writer David Gaider and will introduce the reader to… Read More »

The Abyssal Scrolls – Chapter 1

It was evening in Bloody Jackie’s tavern, and an average one at that. The usual clientele was in full force, ordering drink after drink and causing an acceptable amount of bar fights. As long as they were buying more than they were breaking, the proprietor, Jackie didn’t care. It was business. The tavern’s front door swung open to… Read More »

Legend of the Five Rings : The Harbringer

Legend of the Five Rings releases The Harbinger this January, and with it come many environment changing cards and strategies. TCGplayer will have previews leading up to the release of The Harbinger, this week’s featuring two new event cards. Event cards by their nature are risk/reward. In most cases the risk is deck space and timing of when… Read More »

Realms of the Dead

The Haunted Lands Anthology is out, from Susan J. Morris (editor) and R.A.Salvatore, the creator of Drizzt, the famous dark elf character in Forgotten Realms. peeked “inside” the antology: “Not even the mightiest mage, working spells that remain utterly reliable, can hope to prevail against dozens of tireless, ruthless undead who suffer no pain and can be… Read More »

Avatar – the Movie

Avatar is the best adaptation yet of the kind of SF planetary romance that we associate with Edgar Rice Burroughs and his John Carter of Mars series, we heard at RpgZorg. This being a Cameron film, it also comes equipped with most of the director’s usual themes and trademarks: strong female characters, a romantic subplot that plays out… Read More »