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5 best songs of Game of Thrones 2

5. SANSA’S HYMN by Karliene 4. THE DRAGONS DAUGHTER – Game of Thrones Tribute Remix by Musicsheep 3. DRAGON QUEEN (MHYSA) by Karliene 2. HALFMAN’S SONG by Miracle of Sound

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Savage Worlds – Ultimate Characters Guide 0

Mystical Throne Entertainment is announced the new, black and white, print-on-demand edition of the Ultimate Characters Guide for Savage Worlds RPG. Savage Worlds core rulebook contains quite simple rules (skills,

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Lagas RPG trailer 0

Trailer of an upcoming Kickstarter project, Lagas RPG.

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Finntroll : Trollhammeren 0

Not exactly an RPG video, but good fantasy mood, and music that rocks 😛

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Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Anthology Available Now! 0

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Ten Tales of Dark & Secretive Orders Fiction Anthology Call of Cthulhu Fiction Series Edited by David Conyers Cover Art by Steve Gilberts CHA 6044 $14.95 256

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Tara 0

Tara , developed by Murray Heasman and distributed by Tailten Games, is an abstract strategy game inspired by the Book of Kells . Players place red and blue “ring forts” onto the board, and link them together with bridges. By the end of any given game, the board looks more like a piece of Celtic knotwork art than a game. Tara is for two players, ages…

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