5 best songs of Game of Thrones

5. SANSA’S HYMN by Karliene 4. THE DRAGONS DAUGHTER – Game of Thrones Tribute Remix by Musicsheep 3. DRAGON QUEEN (MHYSA) by Karliene 2. HALFMAN’S SONG by Miracle of Sound 1. GAME OF THRONES MAIN THEME

Savage Worlds – Ultimate Characters Guide

Mystical Throne Entertainment is announced the new, black and white, print-on-demand edition of the Ultimate Characters Guide for Savage Worlds RPG. Savage Worlds core rulebook contains quite simple rules (skills, edges, hindrances etc.) about character creation. What if this is not enough to translate your character concept and background into in-game mechanics? Ultimate Characters Guide (80 page, black&white… Read More »

Lagas RPG trailer

Trailer of an upcoming Kickstarter project, Lagas RPG.

Finntroll : Trollhammeren

Not exactly an RPG video, but good fantasy mood, and music that rocks 😛

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Anthology Available Now!

Cthulhu’s Dark Cults Ten Tales of Dark & Secretive Orders Fiction Anthology Call of Cthulhu Fiction Series Edited by David Conyers Cover Art by Steve Gilberts CHA 6044 $14.95 256 Pages isbn 1-56882-235-9 The book contains 10 short stories, all around the world, about the worshipper cults of the Old Ones and Cthulhu. Dustin Wright (Chaosium.com) writes :… Read More »


Tara , developed by Murray Heasman and distributed by Tailten Games, is an abstract strategy game inspired by the Book of Kells . Players place red and blue “ring forts” onto the board, and link them together with bridges. By the end of any given game, the board looks more like a piece of Celtic knotwork art than a game. Tara is for two players, ages…