Batman Vs. Superman Movie: They’ve officially cast Wonder Woman!

By on December 4, 2013

Have you ever thought of Wonder Woman as being Fast and Furious? Well now you have. Wonder Woman has been cast as Gal Gadot, who is an Israeli actress that played a huge part on the Fast and Furious movies.

The movie is to be released July 17th, 2015 and rumors are sparking all over the place on all the characters we may show. Flash? Perhaps. Wonder Woman? Of course, and here she is. Henry Cavill is playing Superman, while as we all know Ben Affleck is playing as batman.


Gal Gadot is a model and was the 2004 Miss Universe contestant representing isreal, and thus far has starred in three movies from the Fast & Furious franchies, and did a few supporting roles in other movies.


Though Wonder Woman hasn’t had a huge splash on the screen, this would be her biggest debut this far on the big hollywood movie screen. Will she live up to it, or will Wonder Woman be purely eye candy in this? You be the judge!




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