The Black Crusade: Collector’s Edition is available for pre-order from Fantasy Flight Games ! Since the numbers are limited, potential buyers are recommended to place their orders as soon as possible, even knowing that the release will be in the first quarter of 2012.

Only the most dedicated followers of the Ruinous powers could get a hold on this book !

 The tome itself is leather-bound with crimson leather, with a stunning a gold embossed Star of Chaos displayer on it’s front cover. Theresin outer case also displays a stylized Star of Chaos, it’s eight points dripping with the blood of the unworthy as a horrific daemon emerges from the center of the star.

And there is even more for the followers of darkness !

The Black Crusade: Collector’s Edition will contain 16 pages of exclusive material, featuring pre-generated characters with unique backstories, statistics, and art. And you could even receive a personalised Writ of Execution in the name of the Emperor! This writ is printed on heavy card stock sheet, rendered to give it the appearance of an aged parchment.

What is Black Crusade about after all ?

  Black Crusade is one roleplaying-game for the Warhammer 40.000 universe from Fantasy Flight Games. While other members of the series (Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, and Deathwatch) are both about the citizens of the Imperium, and showcase Chaos as an enemy, Black Crusade turns all of this upside down. Now you are the heretic, dedicating your life to the Runious powers and personal gain !

  While others join the faceless masses of the Imperium’s dictatorship you fight for personal power and glory. You must be both powerful and clever, since you have two main enemies : you may end your life against the endless armies of the Corpse-Emperor, or the same corruption that made you stronger could be your undoing.

  However great rewards are waiting for those who could avoid this pitfalls, and please the Ruinous powers. They may destroy your enemies, or help you to grow even stronger by blessed mutations, or as a gretest gift of all : you may become a Demon Prince, a being with considerable power. Ad then, collecting your followers you may start your own Black Crusade against the Imperium of the men!

If you would like to pre-order the Black Crusade: Collector’s Edition you may check for further information here.

Or you may read about the Black Crusade RPG itself on its minisite, here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros