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Top-Down Plug-in Game Design: The Perfect Recipe?

Click on the image to see a larger version As someone who writes about RPGs

Old School Podcast: Interface Zero at RavenCon Part 4

Part 4 of my Interface Zero game run at this year’s RavenCon is now live, featuring the continuing adventures of a group of misfits on the run from corrupt Martian law forces in the year 2088… This final segment brings the end of the Interface Zero adventure.  The team has learned who their enemy is, found evidence to shut them down, and now just needs…

The pros of Cons!

Last weekend I attended a convention. This was not a gaming convention per se; we haven’t had that down in Puerto Rico to the best of my knowledge. I remember hearing about a gaming convention being held at the Universidad de Puerto Rico around 1990 or 1991. Back then I had just started going out with my first girlfriend and let’s be realistic, hormones trumps gaming. If anybody from …

Game Bandit — Confused About the World Ending Edition

Stronghold Games is giving away a copy of Confusion: Espionage and Deception in the Cold War on Board Game Info. Time to Play runs what they call a virtual game show every Wednesday on Twitter. Use the hashtag #TimetoPlayLive and answer toy and children’s entertainment questions to win toy and game prizes . The Fantasy Flight Games Event Center is running a sale on select games…

How to Succeed or Fail on Kickstarter

I post a compilation of Kickstarter [1] tabletop game projects (RPG, board, card) on Purple Pawn each week. I’ve been tracking tabletop game projects on KS pretty much since there have been tabletop game projects on KS. Something like half of KS tabletop game projects get funded. Why? What are they doing right? What did the ones that fail do…

A follow-up for my Montsegur 1244 review

I failed to mention that Thoughtful Games, the game’s publisher, has also recently put out a free expansion to the game which adds more character, scene, and story cards. You can find out more information here.

Web Clip Wednesday: Some Fun at the Toll Lords’ Office

Yeah, I’m taking the easy way out here. I messed around about two hours with the webcam to do my own clip. Let’s just say I won’t burden you with that. But yes, these guys have a youtube channel and talk about their games. Go a head and check out their channel And as side

What a Mind Job – Book Review of Psionics Unleashed

As you might know by now, I really started my gaming career after the release of D&D 3.0. I was passing familiar with the previous editions, but 3rd Ed was what I cut my teeth on. When the Psionics Handbook came out for that edition, I was thrilled. It looked awesome and, of course, it was more than a bit broken if you picked the right combinations…

Creature Catalogue, revisited

I had opportunity to crack open my old and venerable copy of AC9 Creature Catalogue the other day, and ended up in a weeping pile of nostalgia for several hours afterwards. For those of you that don’t know, this is a product that was released back in 1986 by TSR for Classic D&D, and it features arguably some of the greatest forgotten monsters of D&D. Here’s a …

“You are all travelling in a Stagecoach…” Weird West pre-gens

Recently Michael posted about the new game by Robertson Games Weird West . I have never run a western game, and only played on a short (one session) long Boot Hill game that we quickly derailed and ruined in ways that had the GM throwing his hands up and walking away from the table. I’m also not a big fan of Westerns. I loved Western movies as …

Review – Montsegur 1244

Montsegur 1244 is a story-telling roleplaying game inspired by the historical events that surrounded the siege of a castle located in southwestern France. In it, each player adopts the role of one of the castle’s inhabitants, with the group exploring the time period of the siege in a series of acts that span a single session of 3-6 hours. It is a GM-less game and prep-…

Castles & Crusades: Characters & Stuff

One of my plans is bring in some of the things that my group has liked and then mixing it into Castles and Crusades. Like I’ve mentioned before our group is really into Pathfinder but I’m the one who’s looking for the easier rules “efficient” games that are fun. Since C&C is close to the

Old School Podcast: Interface Zero at RavenCon Part 3

Part 3 of my Interface Zero game run at this year’s RavenCon is now live, featuring the continuing adventures of a group of misfits on the run from corrupt Martian law forces in the year 2088… In this segment, we finally hit The Deep , the portion of the game I rewrote featuring a new system based on mental attributes and …

I don’t need no damned swords

Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Kit Unboxing

This was a great weekend when my wife came home from a trip to the postoffice with my Green Ronin ‘s Mutants & Masterminds (M&M) 3rd Edition Gamemaster’s Kit . I ordered this thing so long ago that I had all but forgotten about it. I pulled out my camera and took some quick photos of the items enclosed in the box…

Issue 518 – Watch Out For These Time Travel GM Traps

This Week’s Tips and Features: Watch Out For These Time Travel GM Traps Dungeon Tile Mastery: 9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tile Collection Review: Art of Wor City Tiles: The Stone Bard Inn Super Heroes + Zombies? Book Review: Ex-Heroes Campaign Mastery Blog

Issue 517 – For Awesome Campaigns Build A Player Campaign Book

This Week’s Tips and Features: A Brief Word From John: Riddleport Session 20 – Showdown at the Gold Goblin For Awesome Campaigns Build A Player Campaign Book Free Heists Deck Helps You Run Awesome Heists Hot Pursuit Tips Campaign Mastery Blog

A Week of Castles & Crusades

I don’t normally do things like this but what the heck. I’m going to dedicate this week to a bunch of posts about Castles & Crusades. Why would I do something crazy like this? Well, the game has been out quite awhile and I finally got around to checking it out in detail. So I

Weekly Kickstarter Game Projects Roundup

Click on a header to sort by the column. New: Project Description Required Raised Days Remaining Kamakura Dyad Games Japanese feudal warfare themed combat card game; pretty $2500 $1125 36 Epic Conquest Alexander VanDorpe No information, since author fears his ideas will be stolen $1500 $0 57 Ainerêve Campaign Setting Goodman Games Eldritch RPG campaign setting $3000 $10 25 The World of Mistrunner Glenn Randall …

Word of the Week: NOMAD

Nomads are people who move from one place to another. There are traditionally 3 types of nomads. The oldest method, hunters and gatherers, move with the seasons to areas where plants and animals are available for them to live from. Pastoral Nomads raise herds and move them in patterns not to deplete the grasslands. Peripatetic