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Game Bandit—Miniature Giveaways Edition

Catalyst Game Labs will be giving away Leviathans miniatures before the game is released. The contest has three categories: best web presentation, best real-life presentation, and best game component. Fantasy Flight Games is running a miniatures painting contest, using Battles of Westeros figures. The winner will receive one copy of every Battles of Westeros game and expansion. For 25% …

3 to 18: Why do we really need it?

Let’s face this is a sacred cow that really deserves to be taken out back slaughtered and then barbecued. Really the 3 to 18 for attributes mean pretty much nothing after character generation. Most of the uses for your attributes use just the modified and not the attribute itself. Skill checks, Saving throws, attacks damage

Convention Report: RavenCon 2011

Another Con weekend washes away in a haze of cheese dusted fingers, steampunk costumes, and hoarse throats.  This weekend, I went to Richmond, Virginia’s very own RavenCon ! None of our readers will be surprised that I spent hours upon hours hunched or standing over game tables casting dice to the fates this weekend, but RavenCon is actually not…

Review: Dragon Warriors

Dragon Warriors is a classic British fantasy roleplaying game that has originally been released in the mid-eighties by Corgi Books. In 2008 Magnum Opus Press released Dragon Warriors in a new edition which basically compiles the material of the original game into a series of new books. The core rulebook is a 258-paged hardcover book with mostly black-and-white interior. The book has a pretty clean…

Dungeon Crawler Changes from Collectible to Expandable

Dungeon Crawler started last year as a CCG, but bowing to pressure has dropped the collectible aspect and changed to simply being an expandable game. Gifted Vision has disassembled all of the boosters and reconstructed them into non-random packs called “delve packs”.

Get 20% off of selected titles at DriveThruRPG this month

Like in the months before I can provide you with the coupon code for a 20% discount for selected titles at DriveThruRPG . This month’s code is DTRPGAprilPodBlog2011 and it’s valid for the following products: Dirty Secrets [Dark Omen Games] Wraith Recon [Mongoose] Lexicon of Traps [Ennead Games] Shadow, Sword & Spell [Rogue Games] Apocalypse Prevention, Inc. [Third Eye Games] Enjoy! Print PDF Related posts: 20% discount @ …

I got my JourneyQuest DVD!

My JourneyQuest Season 1 DVD came in the mail Friday! This is another piece of comedic geeky greatness from the folks behind Gamers and Dorkness Rising. I sense another cult classic coming on and it’s well deserved. JourneyQuest is the tale of the reluctant and incompetent hero, the wizard Perf and his companions; Nara the

Folk Lore: Remedies and Healing

Many RPG campaigns take place in medieval-like settings and, as a result, it’s pretty easy to spice things up with a few folk remedies.  And where better to turn for these remedies than history itself? Whether these remedies actually work or whether they are just quackery, of course, will depend on your campaign.  As an example, in my Europa campaign…

How To Cast A Spell On Your Campaign And Polish Till It Gleams

The dead will not always give you clear answers In part one, you saw how spell details can inspire encounters . In part two today, we continue to walk through the plight of poor Halcos and who the PCs’ enemies plot to prevent them from casting Speak With dead. We also offer tips on how spells can help you design game worlds and regions…

Operation Using a $1.3 Million Robot

I see board game parody videos come and go, but this is the first one I’ve seen that includes a $1.3 million robot (the da Vinci Surgical System; plus several hundred thousand dollars of annual maintenance fees) in the tomfoolery. From PhD candidates at the John Hopkins robotics lab.

Campaign Primer Ideas! Part 1

Fellow poster, and all around nice guy, Shinobicow (who also has a really cool nick, but I digress) wrote an excellent series of posts on World Building that he shared here on the blog. They are full of useful advice to get your campaign creation juices flowing.  One in particular caught my attention, Part 8 , on actually getting your campaign started, touched up on a …

Upper Deck Evolution

Upper Deck is struggling to stay on top of the game. Their latest, which comes out tomorrow, is a set of electronic sports “cards” called Evolution. The cards are, in fact, half-inch thick card-sized objects with a battery that run a video loop of the player. The technology’s use in the gaming world appears intriguing. (

Someone is stealing our stuff!

I have no problems with people using the Stargazer’s World RSS feed as it is meant to be. The contents of the blog are usually licensed under CC BY-NC-SA after all. But it really pisses me off when someone takes the post and even the comments posted under them and posts them at his own site making it look like it was their content. While moderating trackbacks this…

Forbes References D&D

Forbes is well-known for publishing annual lists of the world’s wealthiest individuals. But the publication also produces The Forbes Fictional 15 , a list of the wealthiest fictional characters. This year, Smaug, the dragon in J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit , ranks number seven with an estimated worth of $8.6 billion . How Forbes go to that number is a fascinating read, and includes a reference to Dungeons…

Rapture: Roleplaying the End of Days

A finely crafted blend of hard science fiction and authentic theological mysticism made real. Not the simple religious RPG you might assume from the name. The premise of Rapture , the roleplaying game, is that 600 years in the future, after humanity has colonized other solar systems, God finally fulfills his promise and collects the faithful off of Earth—but only Earth. Among the far-flung …

Starmada: Fleet Ops

Starmada is a set of spaceship combat rules that can be used on its own as a miniatures battle game or as a specialized subsystem for an RPG or other game. The core rules can be found in Starmada: The Admiralty Edition . The new Starmada: Fleet Ops book contains streamlined rules for constructing and engaging large fleets. Among the new concepts introduced

Create your own Mobius Dungeon, the easy way!

Mobius Strips are one-sided shapes that you can create by taking a length of paper, half-twisting it

I make games – Pathfinder expansions, a whole undead world, board games about cats and fire – check it out!

I don’t just write about games, and have a number of talented Editors and Authors who also write about games, but I create them as well. At this very moment I have 40 PDFs available at DriveThruRPG – many of the costing you absolutely nothing, that is… FREE ! Those that aren’t free range in price between $0.50 and $1.99. You can find…

Word of the Week: ROOKERY

Rookery is defined as 1) a breeding place of gregarious birds or animals, such as penguins or seals, 2) a colony of rooks, aka crows, or 3) a crowded tenement house. In most games I play this word would describe our hotel/motel room. When we stay in town we are usually to cheap to pay

Taking d20 Modern Into D&D 3.5

The best thing about d20 and the Open Game License is the ability to port elements within the d20 family back and forth from one game or genre to another, and have everything speak the same language. Nothing can be simpler than taking skills, feats, talents, equipment, or even whole characters from, say, D&D 3.5 and into d20 Modern, or Pathfinder, or Star Wars, or Mutants …