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ICv2 2010 Q4 Market Report

ICv2 has reported that there was a 10% growth in the sales of hobby games during the 4th quarter of 2010 with Magic: The Gathering becoming a main contributor. According to the market report found in ICv2′s Internal Correspondence #74, sales were boosted by the holiday seasons, with the collectible games and boardgames registering growths in their respective areas. The report …

Misfit Studios signs printing deal with Cubicle 7

Misfit Studios owner, Steven Trustrum, announced that it has signed a printing partnership with Cubicle 7. Through this partnership, Cubicle 7 will be distributing selected Misfit Studios third-party products to retailers in print form. This will start off with Misfit Studios’ DOOM for the ICONS rules system by Adamant Entertainment, which is slated to be printed in July 2011 and is already available for pre-order at the Cubicle 7 website . Trustrum…

International Earthdawn Collectors Checklist

Again it is Drucifer who published a useful PDF for Earthdawn fans worldwide. The International Earthdawn Collector’s Checklist shows pictures of almost every Earthdawn publication from various…

Advanced Dungeons and Facebook

Troll in the Corner presents something a little different this week, a peek into the Facebook pages of a few iconic D&D figures. Ben and I came up with a bunch of these in a conversation last week, and I decided to commit the best ones to a little image editing for your enjoyment.  Click to each embiggen . An…

Review: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Player’s Guide

I haven’t been aware of the WHFRP Player’s Guide until I got a coupon code for a review copy in my email inbox. But I have to admit it was a pleasant surprise. Even though I changed my stance on the latest iteration of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay there where still a few things that irked me. The new Player’s Guide remedies a lot of the issues I had with …

Made a Graphic for Word of the Week

Just made a quick graphic inspired by the movie Sucker Punch. It’s for my wife so she can write her words and get ‘em done without messing around for a graphic. I am going to try to do more original graphics instead of relying on Google searches for images. Here is the big image And

Word of the Week: FRIPPERY

Frippery is defined as finery in dress, especially when showy or gawdy. I can not help but think of the movie “I’m gonna get you Sucka!”. This also reminds me of an adventure our party went on and we were invited to a ball and would be dressed by our host in the “finest” garments.

1980s Board Game Featured on The Office

In episode 19 of season 7 of The Office (Garage Sale), Daryl, Andy, and Kevin find an old copy of a Dallas board game and proceed to play it. Unfortunately, they don’t have the rules, so the play is a chaotic and comedic farce of making up the rules as they play. Too bad they didn’t hop over to BGG where they could download the rules (yes…

Parahuman Character Conceptualization Podcast

This week, my Mutants & Masterminds group got together to do a little character conceptualizing for the new Parahuman campaign.  And we decided to record it.  You can Click To Play or Click to Download below.  Enjoy! Available right here, through DriveThruRPG or on iTunes . Technorati Tags: Role Playing Games , rpgs , Mutants & Masterminds , podcast , parahuman Troll in the Corner . . Related posts: Old School PAX…

Some Dragon Age One Shot Pre-Gen Characters

I ran a little Dragon Age one shot a couple of weeks ago and I figured what the heck, I really should post the the pre-gens too. I did nine characters. I used the 10 point buy plus some of the backgrounds from the Set 2 play test documents. I also went ahead and spent

Rules First, Board Game for American Football Referees

Sggc Learn by Interaction has published Rules First, a game that is undoubtedly the first board game designed exclusively for American football referees. Oddly enough, it appears to have been developed by someone from Denmark, Sanni Grych . The game contains 400 trivia questions.

One Third of a Six-Pack – Reviews of Battle’s End and Desecration

If you’ve not come across the 6-Pack Adventures from Postmortem Studios while browsing RPGNow, then you need to do yourself a favor and check them out. These are small adventures, designed for a single session and are a available for only $1.99 apiece. They include everything you need to run them, including maps, tokens, and even PCs. Right now, there are adventures for both Pathfinder and D&D 4e…

How To Cast A Spell On Your Campaign And Make It Sparkle Like Gold Dust

One spell can change the complexion of a campaign If two people are casting Speak With Dead on the same body, does one get a busy signal? In my Riddleport Pathfinder campaign, an NPC named Halcos was assassinated as the PCs were dragging him away to be interrogated. In reaction, the party plans to bring the body to an allied temple for a Speak …

Superhero preview: Vanguard two point oh

All superheroes should have moustaches. That’s how you can tell they are superheroes. Full stats, history and a few surprises, coming soon!

Ask the readers: Filing off the serial numbers

If you follow me on twitter (@sunglar ) or read my recent posts about Breaking the D20 Paradigm you may know I am struggling to find a system for a future sci-fi game (pun intended). While the game may be some time away, anywhere from 10 months to a year, I like to plan ahead and I want to work …

Where Has My Monkey Wood Perigon?

Sggc Claredon Games will release Perigon in July. Perigon is an abstract game of 90 degree movement. You flip your pieces in 90 arcs, trying to flip the flag onto your opponent’s goalpost. But never mind that; the game is made from monkey wood. Monkey wood! What the heck is monkey wood? This ?

LARP in the Park

My daughter alerted me today to the latest episode of the Disney Channel show, Good Luck Charlie , in which the older sister goes on a LARP-date. It doesn’t end well. For a more complimentary introduction to LARPing for children, check out Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman (aimed at younger kids).

Trying to Heal Humans

Very soon after we entered the caverns, we had our first obstacle. There was a large growth of fungi on the floor of the cavern. It was a weird orangey color and smelled like a human had slept in a pile of wet rotting leaves. The smell made it hard to concentrate. Hekari suggested that me lead our horse along…

Arduino Nim Game By Mike Cook

Here’s another Arduino Maker project: a NIM game where the allowable moves are set and restricted by rotating a die. Dice Game from Mike Cook on Vimeo . ( source , via , via )

UK’s The Sun Cancels Plans for Page 3 Board Game

The Sun newspaper, infamous for it’s nekkid girls on Page 3, reneged on its plans to develop a board game called Page 3 Idol. The game had already been developed and marketed by famed adult board game company Double G Industries, makers of Nookii. The Sun’s excuse for cancelling the project was over a complaint that the “game is bordering on the pornographic”, despite there being …