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Free Stuff Friday: DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata

Tweet This week’s Free Stuff is : DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook Errata Did you know that Green Ronin released Errata for the DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook? They did! Best of all it’s FREE! On The Green Ronin Website They Wrote This Stuff up: The DC Adventures Hero’s Handbook errata file is now available! Got to love it. Short and sweet. So get your copy of …

Five tips for villainous resource management

It is certainly possible to play Dungeons & Dragons without giving a single thought toward how monsters and villains end up awaiting heroes in elaborate lairs; if the primary point of the game is to defeat the villains in combat, deciding the particulars of how the villain maintains his underground complex isn’t very important. This post contends, however,  that even in a …

Worst House Rule Ever. C’mon hit me with ‘em.

Over at Topless Robot they had a contest for the worst RPG character. If you haven’t read it just head on over there and give it read. It’s worth it. This got me thinking. There have got to some just god awful house rules or even crazy GM rulings out there that just made you

Bam! Zap! Crunch! World Conventions In Pulp

This article is being co-written by Blair Ramage, with whom I co-referee a Pulp Hero campaign. Although it started as a single item, it has grown so substantially that it has become necessary to split it into multiple parts. World Conventions In researching this article, a couple of other websites came to our attention, one of which divided the genre conventions for pulp fiction into three …

Adventurer’s Toolbox – Bags of Holding

Image by: SoulRider.222 I have written a couple of article in this series already covering Immovable Rods and Feather Tokens . The next item up for bid is the Bag of Holding. Now, before I’m downed out in the chorus of “Yeah, that’s obvious,” let’s take a look at the stat block from the Pathfinder SRD: Bag…

Purple Pawn’s 2010 Game Industry Survey

Purple Pawn has conducted a survey of over 7,000 companies around the world who made money from analog, tabletop games. You can download the 14 page report for free here [PDF]. Summary Of the companies surveyed, those that did not close reported good results, with 85% reporting that they had done at least as well or better in 2010 than they had done in 2009. Single-game game companies (sggc’s) make …

It’s a good time to be a supers fan!

Tweet Warning: This post is a mixed bag, part reflection on my current campaign and the lessons I’ve learned from it, part an overview of recent sources of inspiration and sharing a handout I’ve developed for the game. Last night I played the 8 th session of my group’s newest RPG campaign, Dawn of a New Age, about which I’ve written about before . I’m …

Wu Xing Giveaways for February

Tweet Third Eye Games’

Wierd Savage

Two new options are available for strange adventure using Savage Worlds. Island of Dreams from Pinnacle Entertainment describes a Weird War II pacific island setting with enemy soldiers and other horrors. And Darwin’s World from RPG Objects is an adaptation of the post-apocalyptic d20 game filled with radioactive mutants.

Get Nuts

Get Nuts , designed by Tom Luyckx & David Ausloos, soon to be released by the Dutch publisher White Goblin Games, is a card game for 3-6 players. The game comes with nut cards (rewards, with a variable amount of nuts on each card), action cards, and squirrel tokens. The nuts cards are placed in the center of the table, each player takes a squirrel, and each player holds a hand …

Fate AP: Osirion Session #14 (The Road to Katapesh)

Session Summary After making sure the  Tal’ar Dahud’s caravan was ready for their journey to Kelmarane, the group set out southward across the desert towards Katapesh on the back of several camels. A day later they came upon the remains of a camp, its inhabitants mysteriously having disappeared leaving nothing but a few bloodstains in the sand. Searching the camp turned up a…

Guardians of Graxia DLC Now Available

Of course I’m talking about he PC version of Guardians of Graxia , otherwise I’d be calling it an expansion. For those unfamiliar with the term DLC, it stands for Downloadable Content. Basically a game expansion for digital titles. The Elves & Dwarves expansion sells for $5.99 on Steam , a popular content delivery service for computer games, and contains 2 new guardians, 14 new units, and 6 new maps. Of …

Web Clip Wednesday: The Super Bowl Commercial Song

Really, I can’t say better than feature Johnathon Coulton, Greg Benson, Kim Evey and the Paul and Storm. The cast sums it up, kiddos.

DriveThruRPG enters the Print on Demand market, and I got to beta test and review it

[Full Disclosure: Not only am I a featured reviewer for DriveThruRPG but they also carry my products.] DriveThruRPG , has recently entered the print on demand market, offering a small but rapidly growing number of PDFs as actual, honest to goodness physical books. I was recently asked to participate in a beta test with this new offering, following the print on demand process from ordering right through …

Mattel Games Divisions up 27% in 2010

Mattel reported an increase in 2010 sales for their games divisions, including Radica electronic games and other games and puzzles. Sales were up 12% worldwide in Q4 2010, and 27% for all of 2010. ( info )

Interview with the authors of RAG

Tweet Resolute, Adventurer & Genius is a brand-new and exciting pulp roleplaying game powered by my own Wyrm System. Like WR&M it’s available for free on DriveThruRPG . The 36-paged PDF contains all the rules you need in order to play adventures set into an exciting world right out of the pulp magazines of the early 20th century. Last week I …

What do you mean it isn’t that kind of adventuring party?

The DAZ3D Freebie this week is Balloons of all shapes, sizes and colours. I like the red one, but don’t forget to hold it tightly. I said….. Too late. Like Unlike

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, The Board Game

An art exhibit in Santa Monica will pay tribute to the late director John Hughes. Among the pieces is this retro board game homage to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, by Maxim Dalton. The exhibit will run Feb 11 to Mar 4 at Gallery 1988. ( source )

My Net Neutrality Rant

The debate continues on the subject on Net Neutrality. In my opinion, there’s nothing to debate. It’s just a basic assurance of freedom of expression and an open and free market. But our lawmakers and sitting there with their heads up their collective asses and their ears to the big telco’s. Let’s go back in

Second Look: 1955: The War of Espionage

I received a prototype review copy of 1955: The War of Espionage , which was designed by Kevin Nunn, from Nicholas Vitek at Living World Games. 1995 underwent a successful funding campaign on KickStarter. Living World Games is also an advertiser on Purple Pawn. 1955 is a two-player tactics card game. The board consists of six tracks representing countries. The allegiance marker on each country’s track indicates its …