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Wings of War World Record With 92 Planes

On Monday, January 24th at the Torrance Marriott in Torrance California 92 people came together to learn how to play Wings of War, the WWI Tabletop aerial combat game. The game was part of the technology conference GWAVACon, held each year in various cities around the world. This was the 16th GWAVACon and the 3rd time a Wings of War battle was …

Classic Dungeon Trivia 6

Continuing with my effort to stay of track with Classic Dungeon Trivia Friday’s, I’m actually going to post one on a Friday! As to our last installment…Grendlewulf answered correctly with U1: The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. The candybar goes to him. Now, on to this weeks moderately challenging trivia. And in the words of your dark lord and mine “I have you now!” THE CHAMBER OF OPPOSITION This room…

On Strongholds

I haven’t written much about articles from Dungeon and Dragon non-magazines in the past for the for the simple reason that 95% of them fall somewhere between “meh” and “ok, but not for me” in terms of overall quality, and I’d rather talk about good stuff than incessantly bang on about things that aren’t quite so great. To be fair…

101 Earthdawn Miniatures

On the left you see one of the 101 gallery pictures of TheDreadPolack. In my opinion he made the so far best Earthdawn miniatures gallery with full coloration figures. He uploaded his work at…

World Building Part 7 – Inside your NPC’s Heads

Tweet One of the ways to flesh out and develop your world is to look at it through the eyes of the people living there.  If you are playing your world as you build it, then you can easily develop that world by going into the heads of the PC’s in your game group and try to see what they see.  Get into their heads and imagine how…

Board Game News Reborn, Board Game Info Expands

Board Game News has undergone parthenogenesis: Eric (and possibly others) is now blogging at BoardGameGeek , while many of the other contributors have founded The Opinionated Gamers . Meanwhile, you can feed Board Game Info news , which includes our feed, as well as articles from Scott Nicholson and Shannon Appelcline (also a former BGN contributor), feed from GameSalute, Tom Vasel reviews, and other content.


I seem to be fascinated with Icelandic board games, so here is Íslenskuspilið from Þekkingarnet Þingeyinga (aka the Húsavík Academic Center), a roll and move trivia game with 864 word questions to help you learn Icelandic. The game is by Selma Kristjánsdóttir, who is a teacher or an author or a singer or a politician or something (my Icelandic isn’t very good). ( image )

Plan Social, French Layoff Parody Card Game

French publisher Arplay Editions gets into the mockery business with Plan Social , a UNO-like card game parodying executive suits. Your object is to rid yourself of your employees as fast as possible, so you can relocate yourself to a totalitarian country with cheaper labor. The first printing sold out in a few weeks.

Quarriors, a Dice Pool Building Game

I guess it was only a matter of time. This summer WizKids will publish Quarriors , a dice game where you build up an army of dice in much the same way that a deck-building game lets you build a deck. The game comes with 130 custom dice and cards that represent creatures you need to beat and spells you can cast; no shuffling required.


Scrumbrawl , coming soon from sggc VicTim Games (two guys named Vic and Tim), is a fantasy arena combat/rugby game. Your object is to move the magical orbs onto the magical portals while fighting the other magical beasties. There are dice involved. as well as cards, a board, and various tokens. I don’t have the rules, but it looks decidedly chaotic. You can pre-order a boxed set for…


Tilt is a Rush Hour-like puzzle game with sliding pieces. Unlike Rush Hour where you slide the pieces by hand, in Tilt you tilt the board so that all the pieces slide as far as they can to the other side of the board. Your job is to get the green disks through the center hole in the board, without letting any of the

School of Hard Knocks – Dresden Files (City Creation)

In my last post I detailed the characters we created for the after-school club’s Dresden Files RPG campaign. Here I’ll talk about our city’s details. In reality we started with city creation but didn’t finish up the last of the details until after the character creation phase since we established some important details and specifics through the characters’ stories. Hence why I&#…

Bitten: Hot Vampire Vs Jason Mewes

Once again I stumble into one those movies that went under the radar. This time it’s Bitten. This little movies stars Jason Mewes as a down on his luck EMT working the graveyard shift. He spends his nights saving a string of overdosing junkies and pretty much has a miserable life. Then one night he

KantCon 2011 – Enter the Jabbergluck

Any of you that have been around the site for a while will know that I had a great time starting my convention-going career last year. One of the high points was my attendance of KantCon 2010 in Overland Park, Kansas. You can find my coverage of it here . Well, it’s time for KantCon again (as well as a bevy of other gaming conventions )…

Discoveries – Winds of Change Episode 4

Link to the audio for the session . I was really happy to start this session. The group had gotten a base of operations, and we finally, finally , had a chance to explore the personal plotlines of the characters. It felt like it had been a long time coming to get to this point. We’re only talking about the fourth session of the campaign, but we’ve …

Blat! Zot! Pow! The Rules Of Genre In RPGs

This article is being co-written by Blair Ramage, with whom I co-referee a Pulp Hero campaign. Although it started as a single item, it has grown so substantially that it has become necessary to split it into multiple parts – yet another series! It’s pointless re-creating precisely a historical period or past fictional genre. For maximum …

Ultimate Combat playtest for the Pathfinder RPG

Tweet Rejoice Pathfinder fans! A new playtest had been given unto us to try out, this time around for the upcoming Ultimate Combat book. It’s an 18 page preview of three new alternate classes that will be in the new book. The idea is that these classes are 20 level alternates to existing classes. There is the gunslinger, a fighter alternate class all about black powdered weapons, tricks and grit. …

Alatar always was a snappier dresser than Gandalf

What self-respecting Wizard would wear grey or white ? The Blue Wizards know where it’s at! DAZ Studio, no postwork. Like Unlike

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.

Web Clip Wednesday: Super Hero Poker

Yeah, Superman really is a dick. What more can I say? Other than check out the other two episodes. Really, they worth a few minutes of your time.