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Interrogating prisoners in a D&D Game

Joan of Arc is interrogated by The Cardinal of Winchester in her prison, by Paul Delaroche Essentially, there are two situations where interrogation might take place during a Dungeons & Dragons adventure: when the heroes are captured, or when the heroes capture an enemy. Both situations turn the game from a battle of might to a battle of wits; the…

Designing a Solitaire Tabletop RPG is Not Just Talking to Yourself

At least that’s the premise of the RPG Solitaire Challenge , a contest to create one-player roleplaying games. Elements that the judges will be looking for in a game are: world, events, character, and experience. Designers can choose from among several challenge categories for their game, including “Build a  Better Choose-Your-Adventure,” “The Stuff in Your Domicile,” and “Unlonely Your Fun.”

All Adamant for $1.99

Taking a lesson from the success of the smartphone market, Adamant Entertainment has instituted what it’s calling “app pricing,” $1.99 on all its ebook products . Actually, for less than a day it was 99¢, but transaction fees meant that the distribution agent, OneBookshelf, was losing money on every purchase at that level.

My Favorite Game Console is a Table and Chairs

T-shirt through Cafe Press :

Game Bandit—Toy Edition

Send Hasbro your receipt for the purchase of $20 or more in Hasbro toys or games and they’ll send you a toy of your choosing worth $10. is also running a significant sale on Cuponk , CirKis , Candy Land , and Sorry . All Triple Ace Games’ products are 20% off at DriveThruRPG through January 9th. Dungeon Trader has a 45% off clearance sale on Warmachine and Hordes . Lock &#…

Family Board Games Etc Wants to Throw You a Party

If you live in central Ohio, at least. Taking a page from SimplyFun , which has been throwing house parties for its own games for years, Family Board Games Etc is a retailer who wants to come to your house, school, or cafe and demonstrate the games they carry. This is a pilot project that they’re hoping to launch into something bigger.

Palladium Rules Round Table 1: The Importance Of Mechanics

Gather round, friends and neighbors, as I begin this first discussion by standing on this conveniently placed soapbox. I promise the speech portion of this discussion will be short, then we’ll get into the back-and-forth of honest Internet conversation. I just think that I should firmly establish a few positions, so everyone knows where I’m coming from as we begin this academic journey together. If, when I…

Purple Parlay—What Do You Like?

As we enter a new year, we’d like to know what you guys would like to see more of on Purple Pawn. What do you visit Purple Pawn for? What do you wish we had more/less of? You can choose as many options as you’d like on this poll, and we’ll be running it until Jan 24th to give you all enough time to respond. Also…

What’s new with Aruneus

We’re a few days in to 2011 and getting closer to completion of the Aruneus project !  Here’s a brief overview of where the project stands and what’s coming soon. In late 2010, the Zombies and Orcs each went through several rounds of playtesting with great results.  The Zombies are in the process of being revised a final time.  The Orcs will see a few changes …

Detroit in Ruins – Photographs of a city in decline

These are some very haunting, cool, and evocative photos of just a few of the once grand, now decrepit, places in Detroit. The first thing that springs to my mind is “post-apocalyptic” making these great sources of inspiration or props for games like Apocalypse World or Gamma World.

I’ve been on vacation….

We headed off to sunny Florida right before Christmas for a couple weeks of R&R during which I’ve taken a break from my blog as well. I should be back to my regular schedule of blogging in a few days, including my annual 2010 resolution wrap-up and 2011 gaming resolutions. I also will have a series of reviews coming so stay tuned!

What about the GameMastery Plot Twist Cards? A review… (And slight ramble!)

Tweet With such a convoluted title to this post, I better make some sense out of this! What is this post? First and foremost a review of the GameMastery Plot Twist Cards … What are this cards I speak of? Well they are part of a series of GameMastery Cards produced by Paizo that illustrate treasure, items, NPCs, etc. While I …

Help Me Make My Kingmaker Character

Our little group is gearing up to start Paizo’s Kingmaker Adventure Path this month. I’ve been throwing around ideas for a character. Normally, this isn’t much of a problem. I’m usually one of the first come up with a character concept and run with it. We will be using Aspects but haven’t seen how the

Huge news: Adamant’s New “App-Pricing” Model

Just before Christmas, the good folks at Adamant Entertainment dropped the price of all their PDF products to just $1. Considering these are the guys who released the utterly lovely ICONS RPG, that’s not a sale you wanted to miss. Now they’ve upped the ante even further by announcing it’s not a sale, but a major shift in…

Gauntlgrym Review

Haven’t read a book from R. A. Salvatore for a while, but wouldn’t spare some time to get back together with friends of old: Drizzt and Bruenor (Especially if you got the book as gift from your wife). It was time to return to Forgotten Realms with R.A Salvatores Gauntlgrym: A first book in new

Total Confusion XXV Reminder – I’d love to see you there!

What are you doing February 24th through the 27th?  If you’re going to be anywhere near New England, then I hope you’ll stop by Total Confusion XXV and say hello! Total Confusion is New England’s largest gaming convention.  There will be non-stop RPG stuff going on the entire time, as well as healthy amounts of other tabletop and LARP events thrown in for…

Palladium Game Mechanics: What Shall We Discuss?

Time to dissect.

Character stats of Su Shen, cathayan protagonist of the Earthdawn novels written by Hank Woon

Well Mongoose publishing releases almost every month an issue of Signs & Portents wherein they offer free stuff of their RPG systems. We already saw some content for Earthdawn in the issues # 72,…

Gaming in the Digital Age: Hero Lab

There are many character creation programs that exist out there on the internet, but I have found Hero Lab from Lone Wolf Development to be one of my favorites. Unlike a few of the options out there, namely PCGen, Hero Lab is not free.  Purchasing the program gives you access to one game, and there are many to choose from; Pathfinder, Mutants and Masterminds (both 2nd …

Gaming-related plans for 2011 … and a look back at 2010

Tweet Last year I posted a long list with things I wanted to do in 2010. And as expected I didn’t actually reach all the goals I’ve set myself. But that’s not necessary a bad thing. Before talking about what I intend to do in 2010 let’s have a look back at my resolutions from 2010. Play some new games While I only managed …