It seems that while Book of Vile Darkness has an official release day today, it will be delayed. Based on information received from multiple sources it will be available at the end of December or in January 2012.

  It’s sad news indeed, as it would be a perfect Christmas gift to the most vile Game Masters around, and as we know : all Game Masters are pure evil. I’m really interested, if they could make the book as awesome as it’s predecessor (the D&D 3ed Book of Vile Darkness)

But what we know about this book ?

Well, it’s actually 2 books : A 32-page facsimile which is filled with player material, and a 64-page book intended for Game Masters. A full-color, double-sided poster map is also presented, which is used for the adventure in Book of Vile Darkness. It’s good to know, that the adventure will be connected to the film of the same name, which is seems to be also delayed, and now it’s in post production state.

   By the way, I’m not sure if it was a good idea to make a new film about Dungeons and Dragons with the same director who made the last attempt. Well, it wasn’t a great success you know.

   But back on the book :Based on the previews, player characters could be vigilantes or villains, they could serve evil gods and create as much mayhem as possible. Game Masters receive a whole truckload of vile things to throw at the players : monsters, evil gods, lasting curses, horrid diseases and frightening NPC-s. I wouldn’t be suprised, if we would see a rework about the Cancer Mage too.

   For now we can’t do anything just wait for the Book of Vile Darkness, and making some evil schemes in the meantime.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros