And finally the third one is: Cross Purposes – a short story by Elizabeth Moon

“Elizabeth Moon, author of the Vatta’s War series, the Nebula Award-winning The Speed of Dark, and many other popular science fiction novels, has returned to her epic fantasy roots with a new novel, Oath of Fealty, on sale March 16. This month the Free Library offers a short story that does not appear in the book, but takes place within the events of Oath of Fealty. As a young man, Kieri Phelan helped the Tsaians defeat an invasion by the neighboring kingdom of Pargun. Now king of Lyonya, Kieri must deal with the Pargunese threat on his own borders. History records many peace agreements made on the basis of marriage between uneasy neighbors. Kieri must marry and produce an heir–but a Pargunese wife might bring more danger than happiness… ”