So it’s Cyber monday, a time for many to kickstart Christmas, so here’s a list of a few of our favorite sites having sales that will appeal to the inner geek in many of us.

One of the first stops is obviously geek clothes over at who are having a buy 5 tees and get 25% off the whole lot. Along with bonus wrapper paper, keychains, posters, the link sends you straight to their list! is also having some awesome sales and free shipping. You can save up to 50% off. This includes many of the minecraft stuff, doctor who, star trek, and tons more. Personally, I’m still pining for my Portable NES/SNES game player. Darn you PS4 for taking all my money!

4862a9ea7aedbc33868e480ea40b1a07 is obviously having their sales. You should check out some of their stuff because its too numerous to list, but to give you an idea Bioshock Infinite is down to $19.99, the Last of Us $34.99, and Grand Theft Auto V is $39.99.

Don’t forget to check out their movies. Star Trek into Darkness blu-ray/dvd combo is $7.99. I love these deals, I usually keep the blu-ray and give my father in law the DvD, and the digital copy to my mother if she doesn’t already have it. 3 Gifts in one!  is even jumping on, saving on average 20% it seems on all your basic computer needs.


Dark Horse is running a digital Cyber Monday sale and is giving 50% discount on every product with the promo code “DHDCYBER2013”. This requires a minimum purchase of at least $20. is having a cyber monday sale as well! With certain shirts only $6 a piece including harry potter, final fantasy, Loki, Nightmare before christmas, Pokemon, Harley Quinn, Zelda, Dr. Who and much more shirts to choose from.

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World of Warcraft is also having a Digital Download sale of $4.99, as if they weren’t desperate enough before. Includes 30 day subscription. Even EverQuest 1 and 2 are doing Station Cash 25% Bonus. So fly on over to your favorite MMO and see if they are doing a Cyber Monday Sale!


Oh, and the one that will kick us in the teeth the hardest. Steam. Don’t forget your steam sales. Currently you can pick up Tomb Raider for $9.99, Guncraft for $3.74, Drage Age Origins Ultimate Edition for $7.49, Torchlight 2 for $4.99, Portal 2 $4.99, Farcry 3 $7.49, Skyrim Legendary Edition for $35.99 and so much more. I could go on all day about steam sales, but instead I’ll just get wallet-raped by Steam. Happy Shopping Gamers!