Do you ever felt, that the rules for beastmen in the Victoriana Core Rulebook are too limiting for your taste ? Maybe it’s the first installment of the Darwin’s Catalogue series what you need. 

Written by Walter Ciechanowski and Andrew Peregrine, the Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain is a new supplement from Cubicle 7 Entertainment. The beastment are the most varied race in the system,  with a wide range of abilities and appearance. With twenty-eight unique subraces, and with additional rules about  hybrids it’s a perfect supplement for any beastmen fans out there.

The rules in this 16-page e-book are expanding on those found in the Victoriana Second Edition Rulebook. All of the new subtypes from the Badger to the Wolf have specific strengths and weaknesses specific for the subrace, and one or more animal traits. This also mean an extended list of traits.

Additional information to create  hybrids (beastmen mixed with other races) is also provided, what, combined with the subtypes, gives players a great deal of options.

  Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain is only a first step planned by the publisher to extend the available races in the setting, focusing the subtypes appear in Britain and Western Europe. Another two sourcebooks are in development for Darwin’s Catalogue : the second in the series will focus on the Oni, Orcs, and Steppegoblins, while the third will focus on the Beastmen of India.

The book is available at the DriveThruRPG store : Darwin’s Catalogue: Beastmen of Britain

I hope, you will enjoy this new addition.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros