Today is the release day of the Heroes of the Elemental Chaos sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 4E. This 160-page book is the definitive source to create and play characters with ties to the elemental chaos and the powerful primordials, including a treasure trove of character options to those players who want a touch of elemental power.

  And when I say a treasure trove it’s not an overstatement, since we are getting 10 new character themes, 2 new subclasses (Shi’ar, elementalist), 2 epic destinies, paragon paths, 2 new Monastic Tradition for the Monk class, new feats, rewards and many more.

  Of course, we don’t receive only “player’s stuff” but a lot of background information about elementals and the primordials out there, as well as how these beings channel the raw elemental energies through their own body.

Character options

  I already mentioned that the book contains not less than 10 character themes : Demon Spawn, Eartforger, Elemental Initiate, Firecrafter, Ironwrought, Janissary, Moteborn, Primordial Adept, Watershaper, Windlord. Many of these are adept at manipulating justone element (the for basic or metal), while others are connected to ancestry or personal status.

   Other character options include the Shi’ar, which is an interesting subclass for the well-known wizard, who owns a gen servant and elemental resistance instead of a spellbook, and two new Monastic Traditions (Desert Wind and Eternal Tide) connected to the so called Sublime Way. Of course, there are many more options, but I don’t want to spoil everything.

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Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros