If you play DDO (Dungeons & Dragons Online), maybe you’re in a guild. Then you know that guilds are fun, but they offer almost zero customization options, and yes, “this is bad”. But Turbine announced the 5th big update pack for DDO, with tons of Guild cusomization options:

Do you want to experience epic power and earn immeasurable treasure beyond your wildest dreams? Are you ready to see what it means to really be above the fray? Now you can! Join a Guild today, and grab for the glory with DDO’s upcoming release, Update 5: Rise of the Guilds! Fight together, and discover new heights of power and glory. The more players are active in your Guild, the more levels, power, and treasure your guild will achieve together.

Best of all, when we say the Guilds are rising, we mean it: your Guild can buy an Airship as your HQ and take to the clouds! The proudest Guilds will be able to deck their ship out with special gear and decorations to match their style. Customize your ship with dozens of amenities to help you and your guild mates. Choose from taverns, rest shrines, auctioneers and more. Glory is in the skies!

Of course there is more:
– A new “storyline”, the Carnival of shadows adventure pack
– Monk & Cleric Enhancements are coming (finally, i’m personally a cleric fan)
– New spells give Sorcerer’s & Wizards
– New Feats allow Fighters & Rogues
– New trap parts allow Rogues to create their own deadly landmines and explosive grenades