Last month Fantasy Flight Games announced their new three-part adventure, Rising Tempest. In it’s storyline the Tau takes moves to gain dominance in the area, which could turn the tables. They unwittingly endanger not only the Calis Salient, but the whole Jericho Reach, and it’s falls to the Space Marines (the player characters) to stop them.

   The adventure consist three parts, The Depths of Treachery, Assault on Javar Nil and Exterminatus, each featuring bigger and bigger problems for the Space Marines.

In The Depths of Treachery the marines try to eradicate a xenos threat which endangers the Imperial war machine, but they stumble upon a much greater danger than they are bargained for. In Assault of Javar Nil they have to defend the sacred core of the Achilus Crusade on the planet called Eleusis. In the final chapter, Exterminatus the Space Marines have to face the horrors of the Hades anomaly and visit a long-lost citadel to save the galaxy.

  However the whole story starts with a seemingly smaller mystery : a series of assassinations made against Imperial officers in the city-state of Javar Prime. The city hide many secrets, and it’s seems possible that there are Tau sympathizers hiding among the citizens. It’s the players job to find out.

  For further information about Rising Tempest, the city-state of Javar Prime and the assassinations you should take a look at the official preview here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros