Demons for Legend – Arachnodemon and Imp

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Hi Legend players !

   This is my second article about summon-able monsters for the Legend RPG, using the rules in Arcania of Legend : Blood Magic. After my last article featuring the Succubus and Incubus, I decided that now I will create some much more combat oriented monster, and another one, which is something smaller and easier to summon.

  So for the first goal I created the Arachnodemon – while it’s much more a hunter than a fighter it’s poison is extremely dangerous. For the second I though a classic like a winged Imp could be a perfect summoned assistant.

As before this is the base summoning cost. For each additional hour of servitude spend an additional Magic Point.

Arachnodemon (Demon)

  This demon looks like the biggest giant spiders around, but even more dangerous. It’s poison is unnaturally strong, and it has a human intelligence to turn it to be a very effective predator. It’s magic resistance is a nasty surprise to those who would think it’s just a “simple” giant spider.

STR     1D6 + 30 (34)
CON    1D6 + 30 (34)
SIZ      1D6 + 36 (40)
INT     1D6 + 6 (10)
POW   1D6 +12 (16)
DEX    1D6+12 (16)
CHA   1D6 (4)

Hit locations                HP/AP
1       Right Fourth Leg         14/3
2      Left Fourth Leg             14/3
3       Right Third Leg            14/3
4      Left Third Leg               14/3
5-10      Abdomen                 17/3
11       Right Second Leg      14/3
12      Left Second Leg          14/3
13       Right Second Leg      14/3
14      Left Second Leg          14/3
15-20   Cephalothorax       17/3

Combat Actions   5
Damage modifier   +2D8
Magic Points   16
Movement   12m
Strike Rank   13


Physical Apperance : Arachnid
Natural weapons : Bite (1D10)
Magic Resistance 3
Features : Climbing, Poisonous
Poison : Potency 170% Paralysis

Skills : Athletics 120%, Evade 82%, Perception 86%, Persistance 102%, Resiliance 118%, Stealth 96%

Combat style : Bite 100% (1D10 + 2D8 + Poison)

Summoning : Abilities 28 + Skills 7 + Protections 3 + Mystical abilities 0 + Features 2 = 40 Magic Points

Imp (Devil)

   This little devil is often accompany evil spellcasters, and it’s very usable as a general helper. It’s often disguise itself as a small common animal (most often a cat, a raven, a rat or a toad), because it know that is has no chance against trained opponents in a direct confrontation.

They are often summoned because the strongest casters (POW 17 or above) could call them without much preparations. Older Imps often have even more Mystical Abilities, higher POW, INT and/or CHA. They, of course cost more Magic Points to summon.

STR     1D6 + 6 (10)
CON    1D6 + 6 (10)
SIZ      1D6 (4)
INT     1D6 + 12 (10)
POW   1D6 +6 (10)
DEX    1D6+12 (16)
CHA   1D6+6 (10)

Hit locations       HP/AP
1-3       Right Leg       3/0
4-6      Left Leg           3/0
7-8      Abdomen       4/0
9-10    Chest              5/0
11-12  Right Wing    2/0
13-14  Left Wing      2/0
15-16  Arm                2/0
17-18  Arm               2/0
19-20 Head              3/0

Combat Actions   3
Damage modifier   -1D4
Magic Points   10
Movement   6m/8m (flying)
Strike Rank   13


Physical Apperance : Special (Biped – Winged)
Natural weapons : Claw (1D3), Bite (1D4)
Features : none

Mystical Abilities

Shapechange (Itself to Animals), Wrack (Electricity), Enhance (STR)

Skills : Athletics 64%, Evade 82%, Influence 70%, Perception 70%, Persistence 70%, Resilience 70%, Stealth 76%

Combat styles : Bite 76% (1D4-1D4), Claw 76% (1D3-1D4)

Summoning : Abilities 14 + Skills 0 + Protections 0 + Mystical abilities 3 + Features 0 = 17

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros

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  1. Darkholme
    April 01, 17:55 #1 Darkholme

    Awesome. Can’t wait to try these out. :)

  2. Cain
    April 02, 13:59 #2 Cain


    I hope they will prove to be useful :)


  3. jim
    April 03, 01:08 #3 jim

    Very nice. I think the spider maybe a tad overpowered. It’s AP at 14+ means it will only be damaged by magic or 2H Melee weapons, which is all bad for the fool(s) trying to kill it. Although, as it doesn’t have the Formidable Natural Weapons Trait it is open to a lot of CM’s (can’t parry) if it doesn’t Evade, but still… Then the bite attack at 100 and the poison POT means that pretty much anyone bitten is paralysed. What Size and reach is the bite BTW? That could make a huge difference regarding parries etc.

  4. Cain.rpgorg
    April 03, 10:19 #4 Cain.rpgorg Author

    Hi Jim,

    You slightly misread the statblock, as 14 is it’s HP, and it has only 3 AP all around (which is the minimum for his SIZ). Yes, it’s very powerful, and I think that only a group of trained warriors or some really experienced characters (above 100% Close Combat) could fight it successfully. But hey, it’s a big demon !

    A group of opponents could easily out-action this, and it’s magic resistance could be easily penetrated with Divine magic or Sorcery.

    I know that the poison is almost auto-paralyze, but I was using the core rules for that (Potency based on CON) If you want a weaker poison just decrease the potency accordingly, maybe halve it. I think it’s a good idea if only the player characters face it without any outside help.

    For the bite, based on SIZ : reach M, size H. I recommend very long polearms. :)


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