Dora the Explorer Games

By | October 4, 2010

Dora and Diego are popular characters in two animated shows; Diego is a spin-off from Dora. Note that certain Dora and Diego toys were part of a Mattel product recall for lead paint, but none of the games were affected. Dora the Explorer Memory . Another version . And another . Dora the Explorer Bean Toss Dora the Explorer ABC Game : Match letters to objects to earn…

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Dora the Explorer Games

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  1. Adam Lubarsky

    Dora has a positive view of the characters she meets, failing even to hold a grudge against the mischievous fox, Swiper, who continually attempts to steal items from her party. She acts against villains only when it seems that compromise is impossible, and even in these cases, fails to display actual anger. She gives others a chance to try their hands at tasks even when she herself might have an easier time with them. Dora values her family, whom she loves openly, though she spends little time indoors at home with them. She tries to introduce her traditions and customs, subtly and without compulsion, to those who are not familiar with them.

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