Dark energies long untouched are beginning to resurface. Secrets long forgotten are returning into the minds of many. As entire cities are left abandoned and lifeless, Derelict caverns and dark chasms are teeming with unwelcome life. Something is coming.

A trio rushes through the untamed forest at an accelerated speed. They did not know if what had been hunting them was still out there, but it had gone silent long ago. The three decelerate as they begin to tire out, and eventually change pace to a gentle walk.

The one in the front was a fiery sorcerer. His uniform of red and gold fabrics sewn into an elegant coat was complemented with a swirling black and gray tunic with matching trousers, the combined effect almost looking like a wildfire at a distance. His face was soft, no doubt due to his half-elf ancestry, and distinguished by his dirty-blond hair and mystical blue eyes.

The companion behind him was a gnome. Presumably a wizard, the gnome wore fantastic purple robes with gold fringes accentuating the sleeves. Hardly visible beneath the slightly over-sized robes was a vibrant green tunic and khaki pants. The gnome was on edge, restlessly cocking his head left and right, his mind on high alert. With every swift movement, his spiked red hair followed, hardly changing shape at all.

Behind the gnome was a second half-elf, hooded in a shimmering sage cloak. The half-elf’s arms were lost in the many folds of the cloak, not even visible until they moved from his sides. The only significant feature of the fabulous cloak was a platinum brooch in the shape of a mighty shield. The brooch was no bigger than the wearer’s fist, but stood out from the rest of his form. Despite the hood, the half-elf’s face was partially visible, enough to tell that he had much brighter blond hair than his companion that was long enough to drape over his forehead and curl just before his eyes. He had a more elf-like face, in fact if there ever was a perfect face, his would come close.