I’ve never been too horribly good at point and click adventure type games but I found in my youth that one I enjoyed was Monkey island, a great series, quirky, and something I always enjoyed and had to finish to the end, Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is probably the only adventure game since that has given me a similar feeling to what i felt as a child, only with a bit more gore.

Edna and Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes is a game where you play a fairly innocent little girl, Lilli, who has not-so innocent accidents while listening to a rather tyrannical Mother Superior who is quick to anger if she ever does calm down. Lilli’s only friend is Edna, a more gothic looking opposite to Lilli, but the only person who actually likes Lilli. Though that all changes when Edna has to hide from a crazed psychologist.

The game is rather typical from what you expect to be an adventure game like this, with no failure to force you to use your imagination to concoct things up, such as dying various vegetables…

When I first started I literally played for about 3 hours lost, finding no answer to my many questions and angrily going from room to room in the covenant where you start, I was getting frustrated and angry at the game, only to find out that a certain wall had a doorway — no. Not a hidden doorway. I might as well put a sign on my forehead saying “I’m an idiot.”, luckily I had pushed through until I found it, and those few hours of frustration were worth it.

Lilli, who is a good girl, ends up having to fight through breaking

the rules that have been set on her, each rule can only be broken one at a time, so lighting people on fire while
There are a few riddle-like puzzles that can be figured out intelligently, or by randomly clicking combinations until you figure it out, this may not be as fun, but I’m not so great at riddles. This goes for the mini-games in a way, each mini game can be skipped and is pretty obvious, and each have their own tutorial. The mini-games were probably my favorite part, I wish there was a section where I could just go back and play them individually, especially the end-mini game, but that’s something you’ll have to find out for yourself!running with scissors was out of the question, but it makes for an extremely interesting dynamic.

My favorite part of the game would have to have been closer to the end, where one of the mini-game sort of things pop up, needless to say I won’t ruin it, but I felt like playing a game within a game, listening to a DM/GM explain the scene and my fellow npc’s, I was pleasantly surprised!

I was extremely pleasantly surprised by how much I loved this game, and with multiple potential end scenes I played through all of them and each were fantastic and even surprising to an extent. Though this game isn’t for everyone, it’s gory in a psychotic-someone-from-an-asylum-thought-up-these deaths kind of way, without showing actual blood the scenes can be a bit interesting and quiet hilarious for the right twisted mind.

All in all my only qualm was with how long it took me to find that blasted door, but that was most likely my own fault. Just remember, if you find yourself stuck, maybe you’re not seeing the whole picture.

With very detailed artwork and a fun to follow storyline, for the more twisted of heart I’d have to say I rate this a good 4.5 out of 5. Wonderful game.