On 9th of February Green Ronin released the 4th chapter of Emerald City Knights: Sea Change. In this part of the adventure the heroes face the villain Commander and his stormers, and they are getting closer to the secret of the Silver Storm. However they know that the villain they face cannot be the real Commander, because he was Maximilian Mars, their biggest supporter in their quest.

  Emerald City Knights is the first Heroes Journey for Mutants & Masterminds 3rd edition. During the adventure the players are new heroes, and they will participate in the events which could change the fate not only for Emerald City in the Pacific Northwest, but the entire world.

The story so far…

  Not long ago a mysterious Silver Storm appeared at Emerald City, giving extraordinary abilities and mutations to several people. With a group of new villains in the city it was the job of new heroes (the player characters) to defend the city.

  Later investigations on the phenomenon lead to Maximilian Mars, the leader of MarsTech Inc. The heroes faced the Faternal Order of Evil and even the Freedom League, when they finally were able to put the pieces together : Maximilian Mars was set up for a fall by a mysterious adversary.

  In the end the players gained the support of Mars, and received a headquarters for their own. But their problems weren’t solved yet : the Faternal Order of Evil tried to take over Emerald City‘s underworld. While thir plot was foiled, the players still don’t know what is the mysterious source of the Silver Storm and who control the events behind the curtain.

The story continues

  In chapter 4 the stormers of Emerald City are falling under the control of the Controller – which seems impossible, as Maximilian Mars IS the Controller. The heroes must face the mind controlled enemies, while they find a lead to the source of the Silver Storm, and the material which caused the incident. They have to visit a marine research platform, and defend the very company which delivered the mysterious material into the city. Who knows what secret is lying in the deep?

You may purchase Emerald City Knights Chapter 4: Sea Change here, if you are interested in the story.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros