Yeah, it’s true. At June 24 you can test it, if you’re somewhere near to Columbus Ohio (we don’t, so…). From the white-wolf homepage:

“Christian Herr is going to be organizing an EVE CCG game this year at the Origins Gaming Convention in Columbus Ohio on Thursday, June 24th, at 1pm. Players new and old are encouraged to drop on by and take a look at a CCG based on EVE Online. In the EVE CCG you play as the CEO of a major corporation who is trying to maintain a steady income flow in order to expand their empire with star fleets. All while using cunning tactics and dirty tricks in order to gain power and bring their rivals to their knees.

Players will need a standard 52 card deck, with an optional 13 card sidebar. Games will be in Swiss format, one hour length, and best out of three. For more information you can contact the event organizer, Christian Herr, at chris.herr @ ”