At the beginning of this week White Wolf released a new Exalted supplement : Masters of Jade. The new sourcebook provide extensive details on the Guild, an immerse groups of merchants looking for profit and power.

  The Guild is a surprisingly strong faction in the world of Exalted, where gods, devils and other powerful powers shape the world. They are everywhere and they are participating in every single business they can, including slavery and even literally consorting with evil. They have the resources to challenge even the exalted, as even them are humans with their own weaknesses.

  The Masters of Jade book is divided into four different chapters dealing twith the Guild, and a very interesting and awaited appendix.

  Chapter One: the Guild provides an overview on the organization, it’s leadership, and shows several examples on how it could deal with supernatural opposition.

  Next, in the Chapter Two: Points of the Compass shows a more detailed view about the many merchant franchises and industries within the Guild, as well it’s trade network and the differences between the Guild caravans in each Direction.

 Chapter Three: Chains of No Iron deals with the trade between the Guild and its raskha and demon clients, including the mortal dangers which they face for profit. As you may guess, deailng with these evil supernatural powers is the darkest aspect of the Guild.

  The last chapter, Chapter Four: a Game of Masks shows the intricate web of politics and power around the Guild, which keeps it safe even in a world filled with gods and devils. You may also find details on the hierarchs of the Guild’s Directorate in this chapter.

  The appendix, titled Counted and Wanting Not holds the rules called Creation-Ruling Mandate to build and run your own organizations, societies and even nations. Thankfully the rules are simple and customizable, so don’t afraid to include them in your game.

The Masters of Jade book is available on DriveThruRPG here, where you may check the pdf preview and user reviews for further information.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros