Only one week after the Legend Core Rulebook, Mongoose Publishing released the first expansion to their new Legend RPG product line : Monsters of Legend.

  As we explained last week, Legend is a new universal fantasy RPG from Mongoose, which could appeal to a great number of players. The rules are written in a way to enable several play-styles and different settings, but the recommended focus is a somewhat gritty heroic fantasy feel. As a recap I quote a small part from our previous article :

    “Basically what Legend presents to us, is an improved version of the RuneQuest II. system. In short, its a very easy to use RPG, mostly using percentile based checks as a core mechanic. The combat is based around combat actions (several actions per turn to attack, block etc) and  different combat manoeuvres

So what could Monsters of Legend add to the game ? Of course, monsters ! And lots of it !

With hordes of different adversaries it’s a great first supplement to the game. As other expansions filled with equipment (Arms of Legend) and ready to play adventures (The Spider God’s Bride) are on the way, we should definetly keep an eye on the masterwork of Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash.

You may purchase Monsters of Legend directly from the Publisher : here

You may also look at the Legend Core Rulebook there, which is available with alternate cover too.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros