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The Abyssal Scrolls – Chapter 2

A stoic figure trudged down a long, dark hallway, running the fingers of her one hand across the damp stone walls. Her blazing red hair which contrasted with her pale skin was pulled back in a tight bun. Azara was sick of being underground, in this tomb, but she knew it was necessary. Her eyes were wide open,… Read More »

Forged in War Book 1: Reforged

Reforged – A Forward (I know normally I don’t put a special forward, but this one seemed to warrant it. Feel free to skip, though if you’re not familiar with Eberron (or are, for that matter) I’d at least advise skimming down to the Notes part below for a few terms and explanations.) In every author’s career I… Read More »

Tobarra – Chapter 1

Many of the gamers that I’ve met are, like myself, frustrated authors. We often see our games as something that might appear in a novel, or at least in writing. Thus I’m starting up this campaign log for the D&D game that I just started with some friends. It’s 4e, set in a generic D&D world of my… Read More »

Dungeon Crawl

Dark energies long untouched are beginning to resurface. Secrets long forgotten are returning into the minds of many. As entire cities are left abandoned and lifeless, Derelict caverns and dark chasms are teeming with unwelcome life. Something is coming. A trio rushes through the untamed forest at an accelerated speed. They did not know if what had been… Read More »

The Abyssal Scrolls – Chapter 1

It was evening in Bloody Jackie’s tavern, and an average one at that. The usual clientele was in full force, ordering drink after drink and causing an acceptable amount of bar fights. As long as they were buying more than they were breaking, the proprietor, Jackie didn’t care. It was business. The tavern’s front door swung open to… Read More »