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Fan Fiction

The Abyssal Scrolls – Chapter 2 0

A stoic figure trudged down a long, dark hallway, running the fingers of her one hand across the damp stone walls. Her blazing red hair which contrasted with her pale

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Forged in War Book 1: Reforged 0

Reforged – A Forward (I know normally I don’t put a special forward, but this one seemed to warrant it. Feel free to skip, though if you’re not familiar with

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Tobarra – Chapter 1 0

Many of the gamers that I’ve met are, like myself, frustrated authors. We often see our games as something that might appear in a novel, or at least in writing.

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Dungeon Crawl 0

Dark energies long untouched are beginning to resurface. Secrets long forgotten are returning into the minds of many. As entire cities are left abandoned and lifeless, Derelict caverns and dark

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The Abyssal Scrolls – Chapter 1 0

It was evening in Bloody Jackie’s tavern, and an average one at that. The usual clientele was in full force, ordering drink after drink and causing an acceptable amount of

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