Do you want more Pathfinder adventures for the basic ruleset ? Then Basic Paths: Fangs From the Past from 0One Games should be an adventure for you. Written by Tito Leati, it enables you to continue the basic rules, or play it with complete Pathfinder rules.

  0One Games released a new adventure for Pathfinder roleplaying-game, titled Basic Paths: Fangs From the Past. It is mainly intended for the simplified ruleset, but also include a “Pro” appendix to allow veteran GMs to fully enjoy the adventure, using the Pathfinder Complete Ruleset.

  Written by Tito Leati it’s a nicely detailed and beautifully illustrated adventure is not less than 47 pages long. The book include simplified stats for monsters, and it has battlemaps, handouts and some pawns to run the game. Partly because it’s intended for inexperienced groups, the book is also filled with Game Master tips.

The adventure’s premise interesting enough, and players will be highly motivated to save the village. Look at this introductory:

“In Gafolweed, a village on the borderlands, autumn brought the first chills and a sense of deep concern. The harvest has been meager, and they say that Zafron, a cruel boy who trafficked in witchcraft, has returned from exile to poison the land and unleash a monster on his former fellow citizens. This creature has already slain three young men, the last of which, Halmil, has just been found dead in the forest. As fear makes its way in the hearts of the villagers, a old tale passes from mouth to mouth, a tale that sinks its roots not in the recent history of Gafolweed, but many, many decades before…

I feel that with 5 battle maps, multiple handouts and with an overal nicely made book, 0One Games and Tito Leati really present a valuable addition with Basic Paths: Fangs From the Past to the Pathfinder simplified ruleset.

The adventure is available for purchase at DriveThruRPG here.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros