Do you play Deathwatch, saving the Imperium with your fellow players from vile xenos and encroaching chaos as a Space Marine ? did you enjoyed The Achilus Reach sourcebook ? The Jericho Reach is a new expansion, providing even more material on the Achilus Crusade, and on the Deathwatch Kill-teams there

Fantasy Flight Games announced a new supplement, The Jericho Reach to their successful Deathwatch product line.  Expanding on the information released in The Achilus Reach, and providing detailed information on the current challenges faced there.

The Achilus Crusade was forged a new sector in the last fifty years, but it’s halted my the hordes of Tyranids, the cunning Tau and the vile chaos. Everything depends on the stubborn Space Marines of the Deatwatch at Watch Fortress Erioch to tip the balance on the Imperium favor against severe opposition.

In every chapter we get in-depth information about the personalities, enemies, planets and events in a specific salient. Game Masters also receive every resource, which is important to integrate the book with an ongoing Deathwatch campaign.

The book also contains a a full-sized adventure, where the characters will be dropped on a planet under Tyranid infestation. Watch Fortress Erioch received a mysterious astropathic distress signal from the planet, and the players should investigate it’s source. Hopefully, they won’t run out of time.