As FFXIV opens the beta in September most of the gamers (not just hard-core gamers but casual gamers as well) will spend definitely more than an hour per day playing the game. But the developer, Square Enix doesn’t want them to do so! That’s why they plan to introduce a fatigue system to limit the time the players spend playing the game.
The reason is yet unknown. According to Sankakucomplex, this fatigue system will punish those players who intend to play more than an hour per day by reducing their XPs. The Producer Hiromichi Tanaka says that the Japanese gaming sites have exaggerated the bad sides of this system and their only goal is to reward those players who don’t have too much time to play with Final Fantasy XIV.
But the main problem, FFXIV is a pay-to-play MMO, so this system may prevent many gamers from buying the game.