Spoiled Flush Games recently announced their first self-published game, Forsooth!, the Ultimate Shakespeare RPG, which is coming in this June. What made me interested in the product apart from the theme, that it’s don’t have a dedicated Game Master, and every player controls multiple characters.

   An earlier version of the game won the GameChef 2011 competition, and that’s version is available on the publisher’s site for free. After reading through that version I think it’s somewhat closer to acting and storytelling than most role-playing games.  Also, it’s feature no dice rolling at all for conflict resolution, so it’s maybe not for everyone, but it’s an interesting way to play for sure.

If you are interested in Forsooth! you may take a look at the Spoiled Flush Games website for more information. You may also find out more about their other projects – card and boardgames designed for various publishers.

Below you may find the official announcement.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros

BOSTON, Mass., May 31, 2012 — Hear ye, hear ye! Spoiled Flush Games today announced their first self-published game: Forsooth!, an RPG of Shakespearean proportions. A greatly expanded update of the Game Chef 2011-winning game of the same name, Forsooth! challenges players to improvise one of the bard’s greatest lost work for the amusement of their friends. It will be available in paperback, pdf, and ebook on June 22.

In Forsooth! players must use their wits, their hammiest acting, and some tactically deployed asides and soliloquies to win applause from their friends. They will swear solemn vows, and be challenged to either stick with them, or tear them asunder in dramatic fashion. And they’ll control multiple characters, making the game a true smorgasbord for roleplaying aficionados. The game plays in a single session, with no game master and no need for advance preparations. New features for this expanded version include:

– Improved gameplay, with new mechanics like Motivations, Themes and Destinies
– A Cliff Notes variant that packs a full play’s worth of action into half the time.
– Cycle rules allowing you to create sequels to your favorite plays, for a multi-session campaign experience
– Strange and deranged Fifth Folio plays, complete with pre-made casts you can pick up and play
– And, as the Bard once wrote, “Much, much more!”*

Pricing will be announced soon. In the meantime, keep your eye on SpoiledFlushGames.com for previews!

*Seriously, it was in Merchant of Venice. Yes, we are taking it completely out of context.

About Spoiled Flush Games

Spoiled Flush Games is a two-man game design studio that creates a wide variety of different kinds of games, from roleplaying games to intense board games to light-hearted party games. Designers Kevin Spak and Sam Liberty have been quoted in the Boston Globe, and the New England news magazine TV show Chronicle, and will be presenting at TEDxBoston on June 22. Their first board game, Cosmic Pizza is due out this year from Cambridge Game Factory.