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Topic: Dice Age
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Dice Age
on: May 28, 2011, 05:49

Ok, let me take a chair and sit down.

I can talk as long as it take until someone comes here. Hey, there is still a bottle behind the bar. I’ll talk to the bottle.

Ah, my father is crazy. He’s a genius maybe, but you know how genius goes: it likes to sleep. It hates orders. It is a pain to discipline genius. Well, in my hometown, in the north of France, it’s the same weather as in Seattle. Always overcast. Always cold. People are friendly. There is winter, and the 15th of august. Grow in such a country, and you’ll play games. My father was one of the first french roleplaying player. By the time, with college mates, they were like amazed by this: roleplaying games were games with huge rulebooks, and using unusual dice.

I was a kid, I remember, of course I couldn’t be part of their games. It looked boring, adult’s stuff, but I was curious about what’s behind the dungeon master’s screen though. Well it was soon time to go to bed, and they finished their game at dawn.

Take me as I am, thirty years later. I invent crazy shaped dice. With crazy rules. No wonder.

So today I am a very long time french rpgamer, dice maker since 1997, and about to take dice to the next level. I hope so. No polyhedral dice, no, nor numbered dice, no. Creative dice. The dice of the third century. I called the line Dice Age. I’m here to talk to you, dear bottle, about the Alpha edition. I wanted to give an answer to Richard Gaerfield and his Magic the Gathering. Maybe i’ll manage. Maybe not. He took cards to the next level. But cards are cheap.

I never managed to really understand people. They are weird. They like crap, most of the time. That’s what genius takes. Steve Jackson, too, was someone to me. Too bad he doesn’t answer my mails. If i succeed with my dice, I’m sure suddenly he will. People just do what they are told to. It’s all about fashion.

I really liked his book the crown of kings, so I called my game the Crown of Gods. But, I’m talking, and talking, and people are so impatient today. It’s the Zap generation. Everything is boring after one minute. Movies like pulp fiction are prehistoric.

So my treasure is there, on the map, under the X:

I hope someone will read this message in a bottle and help me with that project.

If the bottle is never found, there is this link

And anyhow, I have a name, you can google it.

Good day, dear reader.

Tristan Convert

Tristan Convert grew between science-fiction comics and fighting fantasy books in Lille, in the north of France, where it is always raining. He is the inventor of improbable board games, photographer and director of peculiar movies. He edited the Imhotep game with Hasbro in 2002 and he lives today in Los Angeles, among the Sun and the palm trees… But horror, destruction, cruel dungeons and deadly women, this is what thrills him.

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Re: Dice Age
on: October 9, 2012, 00:42


I got it .


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