Dragon Age developer, Will Hindmarch has announced on the Green Ronin site a new DLC for their successful Dragon Age RPG, featuring the sexy elf assassin, Tallis

Before them I was a nothing. I was a slave. My parents sold me into it. The Qunari gave me refuge, a purpose, and a name: Tallis”

– Tallis, Dragon Age: Redemption


The deadly assassin, Tallis is a well known character for Dragon Age fans. She was created by Felicia Day, who also played the role in Dragon Age: Redemption web series She also voice acted the witty elf for Mark of the Assassin, a downloadable addition for the Dragon Age II computer game, published by BioWare.

In this 5 page free DLC you could find a short interview with Felicia Day about the character, and her role as both the writer and actress for the role.

Dragon Age RPG players also receive everything needed to incorporate Tallis to their own campaign. There is a short recap about the background of the character, while all needed game information, including level 1. and level 10. statistics are included as well.

You could directly download the DLC from the Green Ronin Website :

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros