Hi Legend players !

As I promised earlier here is our first batch of ready to use non-player characters. For now I included 8 common folk you may meet during your adventures, like the Blacksmith and City Guard.

You may download the file here : Legend – Common NPC Collection 0.1

If you are more interested in playable characters you may look at our previous article here and here for not less than a dozen sample characters in total !

In the above collection you will find 8 different NPC with complete statistics :

Accountant – A man who is really godd with numbers. Good to have him around for bartering or for the everyday business

Animal Trainer – Animals are really useful companions,especially if well trained. The trainer know them well, as well the surrounding area.

Barkeep – This guy appear in almost every adventure, so he is truly an epic NPC ! Well maybe not, but generally useful with his contacts.

Blacksmith – As the Barkeep this guy is available in every single village, and he is as useful as he can be. But don’t make him angry, since he wields a very heavy hammer.

Burglar – He could be an ally or an enemy. Beware of the shadows ! He is very skilled in many things, but not really trained in combat.

City Guard – An average man with common weaponry and with some training. Don’t underestaminate them, as more often than not the numbers are on their side.

Delegate – More a diplomat than a warrior his skills are much more suited in a noble’s hall than in the battlefield. Players may meet him as an untouchable adversary or even  as an employer.

Doctor – Ever adventurer needs somebody to heal him up. In Legend RPG it’s even more true than in others.

I hope you will find these as useful as our sample player characters in the past.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros

Update 2012.01.13 – the download file is updated