There is a new free map available on RPGNow, Hillside Tavern. It’s released as the first volume of RedBrick‘s DramaScape series, and it’s available for free until end of January 2012. They promised the second DramaScape product to be released in February 2012.

 The map is in full-color, it’s measures 42 x 30 inch, and featuring a single-floor inn, tavern, and stables literally cut into a hill- or mountain-side. It’s also includes a second, secret underground level under the inn. The map is presented both in square and hex grid parts, so you could chose which to print.

  The ground flour includes 3 bedroom, a big central common room (with a bar and kitchen), a small warehouse, and a stable. The warehouse also includes a well, which is the tavern’s only source of water.and it’s connected to an underground river 50 feet below.

  The underground level features a river with bridges and with an island, as well as a second warehouse for the tavern. There is a metal cage to keep prisoners (or simple troublemakers) there as well as several abandoned rooms, which were mines in the past. This map could also be used as a sewer if the Game Master decides.

  I think the map is nicely detailed, and it’s offers an unique location which could be featured in many campaign. I highly recommend to download it for free, while you can !

You may download the map here, if you are interested.

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros