Great maps can be hard to come by, and sometimes even think up. There are things we may not be worried about that our players, obviously are. So it’s nice once in awhile to be able to pull out a premade map for something that may not be important to the big picture (or maybe it is!) but is important at the time, one of these things are markets.

Where are the stalls? What kind of merchants? Etc. The Medieval is a 24 x 30 inch, full color floorplan of a Market, with Hex, Square and No overlay.

This ebook comes in PDF form with two images that you can use in VTT for use online. It’s 43 pages and only a few of those pages are introduction, layout, and some instructions. It’s highly detailed with weapons sprawled out on tables, cheeses, tents, carts, and other such things. You can get this FREE map here, thanks to DramaScape! 


Here are the two images to preview what you’ll get only in fullscale map. Please download the full thing from the link above.