Hi fellow Roleplayers !

I guess all of us like to read interesting articles  connected to our hobby, as well as receive useful RPG material : adventure-hooks, monsters, NPC-s, classes and so on. It’s even better if it’s free ! So for now I present to you two free pdf magazines connected to RPG-s : Pathways from Rite Publishing and Game Geek from Avalon Game Company.

Pathways #10 (Rite Publishing)

 As the name implies, Pathways is a magazine directed toward Pathfinder fans. This 51 page publication is very nince looking with nicely arrangeda rticles, but it sometimes feels like a marketing catalog more than a magazine. Why? Because it consist multiple full-page advertisements as well as very positive reviews about every product. I recognized only one 4/5 score out of 9 articles (others were all 5/5), but even if maybe some of the reviewers are too enthusiastic, they give us a good recap about the content of the books.

  I’m really a fan of the free material included in the book, consisting several possible encounters, adventure-hooks, NPC-s, a new monster template, a new fleshgraft and even more to include in a campaign. An interview with Jean-Philipe Chapleauis also included.

HINT : The gnoll on the front page is really awesome as an NPC

Final verdict : 4/5

Download link : here

Game Geek #24 (Avalon Game Company)

  Well, Avalon Game Company’s magazine, Game Geek is much harder to evaulate, maybe because it’s seems more diverse.  Most of the articles are very well written, while sometimes I feel, that something is lacking.

I really liked the new prestige class (Master Scholar), however some of it’s abilities seems a  bit unbalanced.

There is a very likeable short story about witches is also included in the magazine, which was a little bit surprise for me, but also a very good read.

The magazine is finished with a part called “free stuff”, which is some grid-maps  for a shortly described “Arena of “Fire” and a big deal of advertisements in one block. (well, from page 51-60 it’s all advertisement, but since it’s on the back it won’t bother you if you are not interested in it)

Final verdict : 4,5/5

Download link : here

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros