With the debut of the second season of the TV show arrived the much awaited A Song of Ice and Fire Roleplaying : A Games of Thrones Edition from Green Ronin Publishing. Announced back in January, I think it’s one of the most waited titles of the year, thanks to it’s theme.

    Featuring Michael Komarck‘s epic artwork about the Battle of the Trident the book is already available as a pdf product, or you may place pre-orders on a print copy.

    I’m always happy to see if an RPG is based on a well-known brand, be it comics (like Marvel or DC), films or books (just think about the many games inspired by Tolkien or Lovecraft), even if I don’t like the particular source or theme. I think titles like these could rise the interest for roleplaying-games, as there are many who would like to try themselves  in their favorite imaginative universe. The hobby in general really needs new players.

   SIFRP: A Game of Thrones Edition features an easy to learn system, based on the epic fantasy of George R.R. Martin to bring on the same atmospere as the novels and the TV show, and based on the publisher, it contains everything a player group needs to start playing. (I guess everything except gaming dice and the players themselves)

   In this roleplaying game the players take the key roles of their very own noble house to participate in all short of challenges from politics and intrigue to combat. If their house rise or fall is just depends on their own actions and decisions.

   The 320 page long book also contains a complete full size adventure, the Peril at King’s Landing, so players could start to raise in power at the instant.

For those who are interested in SIFRP: A Game of Thrones Edition, it’s already available for pre-order at the Green Ronin Online Store (here) as a physical copy or physical+pdf bundle, or as a pdf copy at DriveThruRPG (here).

Zoltán “Cain” Mészáros