GoShop, Competitive Shopping Dice Game

By | June 8, 2011

From GoZone Games , the makers of several popular competitive sports dice games – GoLo , GoHoops , … – comes a competitive shopping dice game called GoShop . All of GoZone’s games are published by Zobmondo . Like the other games, this is a push your luck dice game. However, one die is your credit card, which might get maxed out or declined, or you…

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GoShop, Competitive Shopping Dice Game

One thought on “GoShop, Competitive Shopping Dice Game

  1. Patrick

    Nice discourse! I got to say that I rellay agree with you on the topic of games. If we start believing that the only games with artistic worth are the games that aren’t fun to play I rellay have no idea what to think about those games I play and when I am done I have no idea if I had fun or not and that I call artsy not because it put across some idea or any other artsy thing but simply because I was confused the entire time I was playing it. I realized that I have next to no interest in “gamer culture” or “gaming culture.” but in an age where we can talk about a game and a novel and a film in the same conversation without having to apologize for it. But how is that not just as much a part of gaming culture as fan boyism is?I would say I am more interested in gaming culture then I am in games themselves. Because I am not just interested in playing games, but also watching games, talking about games, developing games, etc.And I would call that gaming culture, not fan boyism.

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