If you’re old enough or geeky enough you have heard of or know of “TSR”, the gaming company that was popularized for the publishing of our well loved game, Dungeons and Dragons, and if you game at all, you’ve heard the name “Gary Gygax” – and oh, do we miss him.

Well recently I stumbled upon something disturbing, amazing, and suspicious all at once. The 

Gygax Magazine, and it’s started quiet a stir. The Gygax Magazine is being launched under “TSR”, you heard me. Still a little lost? Here’s TSR’s old logo. The new site “TSR Games” also has a dragon logo and and the same sign up as the Gygax Magazine, all in all people have hunted the root of this down to Jayson Elliot, who published some goth magazine or what have you and has gotten several tweets from many people questioning him on his involvement with The Gygax Magazine, and yet to no avail and little response. We, too, have pestered him with a tweet of our own.

I’ve signed up to see if it leads anything interesting, and it’s said to be released in December of next year, hopefully we will hear more from that before then. If I find anything, I’ll surely post it.


What do you think? Shameless ploy to get us devout to Gygax a rise, a scam, or possibly a legit thing?


Update 12/9: We did get a small response, it’s not much but it’s still something!

It is to be known that the Gygax family is split in support for all this, Gail Gygax (Gary’s second wife) clarifies that the new company is not supported by the Gygax Family estate, this all being stated on EnWorld’s forum.

“I wish to clear up any confusion I am the proper owner of the use of the name of my late husband, E. Gary Gygax. And furthermore would ask respect from his public and children from his first marriage, who are fully aware I own all rights to the use of his name and likeness, and all intellectual properties.

We have previously informed Jason Elliot [editor of Gygax magazine] of my ownership rights.

I can understand the enthusiasm for this project and will remain neutral in regard to its merits however, not at the expense of the Gary Gygax Estate, which represents his wishes.” -Gail Gygax


However Luke Gygax gave a follow up on his own thoughts.

“At this time Gail is not a part of Gygax Magazine. Personally, I hope that she decides to come onboard in the future. All the posts from Gygax Magazine staff I’ve seen were clear that this project is something Ernie and I are involved in as part of a larger team including Tim Kask, Jayson Elliott, James Carpio and Jim Wampler.

Gygax Magazine is supported by the Gygax family members who are actually gamers. Ernie (aka Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.) was the first person to playtest D&D, played numerous iconic characters in Greyhawk and worked for TSR through the 1980’s. I cut my teeth on gaming and feel passionate about the positive aspects that gaming brings to people’s lives. Gygax Magazine is a way for us to share our love of gaming both Old School and current systems with the gaming community. We are focused on producing a quality magazine and we hope that you will take the time to read the first issue in December.”

This is one instance where everything is not all cut and dry, Gail Gygax is doing the Gygax Memorial and everything is a bit wishy washy, what do you think? Are they getting greedy with the Gygax name, or perhaps they are trying to do something truly good, no one knows who may be right or wrong we can only wait for the first issue and hope.